Why use ClickFunnels? 5 irresistible advantages

Anyone who owns a shop Shopify, Woocommerce ou Prestashop has, at a minimum, heard of conversion tunnels. But who has already managed to exploit their punching power optimally? Who in the microcosm of e-commerce and digital marketing would not wish to put all the chances on his side to increase its conversion rate? Why use Clickfunnels ?

We present you today a solution of choice for the optimization of your campaigns : ClickFunnels.

Why use ClickFunnels ? What are its advantages and disadvantages ? All you need to know in 5 points.

1. ClickFunnels: the ultimate marketing automation tool

We saw it in this article on the blog, the mission of ClickFunnels is to be a Webmarketing tool intended to simplify the life of Entrepreneurs.

The basic problem was as follows: a web entrepreneur wishing to optimize his online business had to equip himself side by side: an autoresponder, a capture page solution, a partner for his video lessons or webconferences, etc …

ClickFunnels, outils intuitif de Marketing Automation

And for each of these tools, you had to pay a separate subscription. As a result, in addition to spending hours creating optimal sales tunnels, large sums of money had to be invested and margins shrunk.

ClickFunnels brings a great advantage for entrepreneurs: it is a global tool from which all of its marketing strategy can be driven.

Indeed, Clickfunnels allows you to manage your sales tunnels in their entirety! From the capture page to the dedicated webinar space, from the sales page to abandoned basket reminders: Clickfunnels brings together all the features within a single solution.

2. A powerful graphic editor

Beyond the richness and diversity of templates generated by developers Clickfunnels, the tool allows more creative to create sales tunnels aesthetically sublime. Indeed, CF has been created, and is constantly updated by developers very focused on the graphical aspect of campaigns.

Since it is primarily a tool for conversion, ClickFunnels has a A / B Testing function that is child-friendly. You want to test two versions of the same page? Just clone it and observe which converts more visitors to prospects!

A/B Testing sur Clickfunnels

The tools offered by Clickfunnels are not only very beautiful, but also user-oriented. In other words, they are devilishly effective: when the harmonious meets the functional, conversion rates soar.

3. Integration with all services

Since ClickFunnels is a must-have for marketing automation tools, all complementary platforms open to the creation of bridges between services.

Thus, the main autoresponders are integrable. This is particularly the case for GetResponse, Aweber. On the CRM side, the Salesforce leader is integrated as well.

The integration of these third-party solutions makes it possible to benefit from his past work and the database that goes with it. Also, you retain the ability to manage certain tools independently, specifically if you feel more comfortable with it.

Namely, in its Integral Package (Etison Suite), ClickFunnels offers an autoresponder tool: Actionetics. This will allow to send to your prospects automated messages depending on their actions in the sales tunnel.

The Backpack tool is, like Actionetics, included in the Etison Suite offer. It is an integrated affiliate tool, it can manage its insertions, affiliate links, etc …

4. ClickFunnels and its formidable database

When you take control of ClickFunnels, the number of possible functions and configurations can scare you and make you feel at the foot of a mountain to climb. However, thanks to its popularity, ClickFunnels has a formidable database.

ClickFunnels Marketplace

It is not easy for everyone to configure optimal campaigns from A to Z, and sometimes, to gain valuable time, it can be interesting and advantageous to opt for turnkey solutions.

This is why ClickFunnels has set up a Marketplace (Marketplace) on its website.

In this MarketPlace, there is an incredible amount of tunnels ready to be installed in its space. These products are tested before being put on sale on the MarketPlace and bring certainty about their effectiveness!

As examples, here are the products that can be found :

  • Funnels Product Launch, Turnkey
  • Funnels of creation and launch of Webinars: capture, creation of tickets, etc …
  • Sequences of e-mails
  • Sales pages
  • Funnels of abandoning baskets
  • and a multitude of other configurations and templates …

So, if you want to succeed in your ClickFunnels campaigns more easily, and do not waste too much time on creating your sales tunnels, have a look at the Marketplace!

5. The Tunnel Sharing Option

The community aspect of ClickFunnels is a feature that Russel Brunson and his team of developers care about. That’s why they offer an option of “Sharing” Sales Tunnels.

To do this, simply clone one of his tunnels (it is proposed to clone his funnel to keep a copy in its current characteristics), enter the settings (Settings) and select “Share Funnel”. All that remains is to copy / paste the proposed link and share it with a friend.

The “Tunnel Sharing” option obviously works in the opposite direction. If you want to test a sales tunnel with the settings of a friend, just grab his link and go!

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