Why have an autoresponder and what can you do with it?

Do you know that the average conversion rate from a visitor to a customer is usually less than 1%? Do you also know that in E-Commerce, most sales are between the 4th and the 7th relaunch? There is a magic tool to significantly increase your conversion rate and improve the performance of your business: the autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is an e-mail marketing service aimed at reaching the prospects listed in your list whenever you want, in the way you want and above all: automatically.

In this way, you have the opportunity to send your leads your best content at the best time. Specifically, you write what is called an “email sequence“, you set the time interval between each sending, and you confirm the sequence. Each new subscriber to your list (newsletter, customer, prospect) will receive the series of e-mails that you have just created, and all: automatically. We already wrote an article about what an autoresponder is, so to know everything, it’s here: what is an autoresponder ?

Some of the best autoresponders in 2019:

Difficult to navigate the jungle of autoresponders available on the market. After having tested many of them as part of our personal experience, here are 4 of the best autoresponders in 2019:

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What can be done with an autoresponder?

What to do with an autoresponder? The list of possibilities is as long as your imagination. We bring you some tips and ideas for successful e-mail sequences.

Target your list

Ideally, when you schedule a sequence of emails with your autoresponder, you do not want to include your entire list. The best advice we can give you is to segment your audience right from the start: create multiple lists!

For example, you will have the list of visitors who came to your site download free e-book on “The best techniques for making money on the Internet“, then, for example, another list featuring the clients of your Video Training “How to succeed in Dropshipping?

It is obvious, the people having accomplished the above actions are different. The first are in a phase of discovery, interested in the theme of “Earn Money on the Internet“, while the latter have already trusted you by offering your training on a very specific topic. To send them the same message would be a mistake.

Thus, in this case, it is necessary to create two lists of e-mails well distinct in your autoresponder. One pushing the first to cross the course and train them in your sales channel, while we will retain the second list and we will try to sell them related products. Subsequently, make sure to stay consistent in the content of your messages to your list: do not send a “Guide to Sell on Facebook” to your customers who are interested in your personal development theme.

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Some examples of campaigns for your autoresponder

We saw it thanks to our example above: to each target its dedicated message. Do you lack ideas for building your e-mail sequences on your autoresponder? We are here to help you!

Autorépondeur: capture sequences:

  • Propose a Guide / Ebook / Free book on the theme sought by the user
  • Offer a discount for listing the visitor to your list
  • Offer a test / free first course against registration to your site
  • Physical shops: offer a tasting / a drink / a dessert / a product
  • Consultants: offer an audit, a first free interview

Autorépondeur: Transformation sequences:

  • Propose the product Y with a valid promotion 24h
  • Offer a discount for the first order
  • Relaunch a prospect following an abandoned basket
  • Send a valid code for a specific period
  • Send a video / page including the testimonials of your delighted customers
  • Ask if the person on your list has a question / if you can help him / her

Autorépondeur: Loyalty Sequences:

  • Thank for the purchase, ask for their testimonial / review
  • Immediately send a complementary product / product that other buyers have also purchased
  • Integrate your social bonds to animate your community and have multiple channels of communication
  • Offer a valid discount code for the next pass as a thank you
  • Affiliate : offer a discount of X € to send to a close
  • Propose related products / latest news
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Email Marketing et Autoresponder

The golden rule of autoresponder

If there is one rule that should never be violated when it comes to e-mail marketing, it’s relevance. Never become invasive, do not bombard your list, do not be aggressive. To succeed in your autoresponder strategy, stay relevant and keep in mind that you have real people in front of you.

Put yourself in their shoes: would you like to receive this e-mail? Would you find it too aggressive? Too heavy ? When do you read your e-mails the most? In the morning at breakfast? In the evening when coming home from work? The weekend ? The temporality is a primordial element to be mastered in terms of autorépondeur e-mail sequences.

Finally, last rule of thumb: clean your list regularly. Keeping a proper emailing list is essential and a regular scan is required. Reducing the bounce of your emails helps ensure a certain reception rate, and reduce your chances of ending up in your audience’s spam.

Thank you for reading this article to the end. Feel free to share your personal experiences in the comments!

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