Which autoresponder to choose in 2021?

Achieving e-mail marketing campaigns through an autoresponder is an invaluable time saver for a contractor. In fact, it is even the most important link in the chain when we talk about transformation from visitor to customer. But how to choose your autoresponder?

If the users arrive on your site, it is that your work of Referencing, RP, or other fruitful. You have spent hours designing a website that is both beautiful and effective. It is now time to turn the prospect into a customer. Thus we will use a formidable tool in the sphere WebMarketing: the autoresponder. We offer you an overview of the 4 Best Autoresponders of 2021. Follow the guide!

How to choose the right autoresponder?

The first stone to ask when looking for an autoresponder is what are the most important selection criteria? But how to differentiate the different autoresponder services?

We are convinced that there are as many needs as there are companies, and that the ULTIME autoresponder does not exist. That’s why we prefer to introduce you to many of them. Then everyone has to rely on the strengths and weaknesses of these services to choose their autoresponder.

What criteria should be used to make an autoresponder choice?

Price :

Obviously, the tariff is a preponderant element of the offer. It is not a question of stopping to choose the cheapest or the most expensive, but rather to weight the variable “Tariff” with the functionalities which are the most important for you.

Metrics :

In our opinion, a good autoresponder should allow you to go far enough in data analysis to continually improve your sequence and approach. The more you’ll be able to measure your performance, the better your campaigns will be.

The deliverability rate:

Note that some autoresponder services have a lower deliverability rate than others. It is for this reason that taking into account this criterion, it is to optimize its chances of landing in the Inbox of your prospect. Fortunately, among the 4 autoresponders listed below, nothing to worry about.

Creativity :

Preparing sequences of e-mails is good, but can be fun on the layout, it’s even better! Sending beautiful e-mails, perfectly legible, modern and attractive is absolutely satisfactory: as much for you as for the one who will receive the e-mail in his mailbox.

La collecte d’adresses :

The idea is to delegate a maximum to its e-mail service. Thus, you do not want to have to check that your autoresponder is obsolete about how to harvest the addresses, that it has planted or that it does not respect the GDPR. Once again, the four autoresponders selected for you are among the best performing on this.

The best autoresponders in 2021

Choosing your autoresponder can easily look like a detective-led investigation. Indeed: infos, intox, fakes, one must know to be wary of the intentions of the different sources of information.

In reality, one finds almost everything and its opposite on the subject: divergent opinions on the forums, tests dating from several years, sponsored articles, etc …

Logo Aweber : notre avis sur cet autorépondeur

Aweber : our review

Probably the most popular of this list, Aweber is a pillar of Webmarketing: it is almost part of the furniture. Perfectly reliable and efficient, he is a strong ally for his e-mailing campaigns. We quote him first for his great experience.

We like :

  • One of the best customer support on the market. Available via chat 7 days a week and 24/24.
  • The richness of its features. They have been proven over time
  • Excellent metrics and statistics available. What to drive his autoresponder with precision
  • Large number of templates to create professional emails

We like less:

  • The price. While it is the pioneer, but it can become inaccessible to small grants
  • Compatible with all e-commerce tools! Shopify, Woocommerce, etc …

Tarifs :

  • From $ 19 / month up to 500 addresses (it’s little …)
  • $ 29 / month up to 2500 addresses
  • up to $ 149 / month for 25,000 subscribers
Logo GetResponse notre avis sur cet autorépondeur

GetResponse : our review

GetResponse is an autoresponder that is popular, especially among Solopreneurs, small businesses and other dropshippers. It is an excellent tool with broad functionalities (creation of Landing Pages, Webinars, Sales Tunnels, etc …)

We like :

  • Rather well translated, which is a great advantage against some of its competitors
  • Complete e-mail marketing solution, from acquisition to conversion: everything is in one place
  • Its price, suitable for small businesses and those who embark.
  • An app is available on both iOS and Android. A boon.
  • Intuitive and pleasant interface

We like less:

  • Sometimes a little complex in his grip
  • Many choices: a benefit but also a disadvantage, attention to keep a coherence in its actions
  • We do not manage perfectly the moment of sending his e-mail

Tarifs :

Les offres proposées par GetResponse sont très souples, et varient en fonction de deux critères : la taille de votre liste et le nombre de fonctionnalités auxquelles vous souhaitez avoir accès.

  • De 11€ à 73€ (engagement un an) jusqu’à 1000 adresses
  • De 18€ à 89€ (engagement un an) jusqu’à 2500 adresses
  • etc…
Logo sendinblue notre avis sur cet autorépondeur

SendinBlue : our review

Even more affordable than its two friends mentioned above, Sendinblue is also a global e-mail marketing tool: automation, transformation, campaigns, etc … Sendinblue is one of the most successful autoresponders in 2019!

We like :

  • Easy to use: drag and drop for creating emails, intuitive interface
  • Be able to start for free! Free up to 300 emails per day, or 9000 per month. What to see coming.
  • Friendly and easily accessible customer service
  • Many very detailed reports
  • The possibility of carrying out SMS campaigns
  • Accessible even to beginners in terms of Marketing!
  • The management of the contacts of the list: possibility to create folders, to cross the attributes, in order to be always more precise.

We like less:

  • The richness of the configuration implies that you have to plan a good time to configure everything correctly
  • The templates could be more neat and modern

Prices :

  • Free up to 300 emails a day
  • 19 € / month up to 40000 addresses (one year contract)
  • 29 € / month up to 60000 addresses (one year contract)
  • 49 € / month up to 120000 addresses (one year contract)
Klaviyo notre avis sur cet autorepondeur

Klaviyo : our review

Particularly popular with Shopify users, Klaviyo has experienced strong growth in recent years. It must be said that its integration is perfectly successful and that its features are complete for any entrepreneur.

We like :

  • The extensive segmentation of his lists.
  • The wealth of metrics: there are all KPI’s (Performance indicators necessary for the proper management of its campaigns)
  • Rates are accessible and perfectly progressive to follow the evolution of your company

We like less :

  • The slight delay of the application on the pushed features.
  • The support is accessible by e-mail, and their response time is sometimes slower than we would like
  • Some small bugs have been reported recently.

Prices :

  • Free up to 250 contacts and 500 items, enough to test the app.
  • From $ 20 to $ 1700 (for 147000 contacts).

You now have all the cards in hand to choose the right autoresponder. We will update this article regularly based on tests we will perform on the latest available solutions. Do not hesitate to tell us in which comment autoresponder you use, and why!

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