What size should be the subject of the email?

You have a list of subscribers to your newsletter and you regularly send emails to send promotional offers to your customers, or simply news. Only, you realize that the opening rate of your emails is not very high. You have already researched many solutions on the internet, but today you want to focus on the subject of the email . Wondering what size should be the subject of the email . And that’s a really good question, which we’ll answer in this article. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right size for your email subject lines.

Think about mobiles

The first thing to take into account to choose the right size for the subject of the email is the fact that today, more than 40% of emails are viewed on mobile phones .

Therefore, since the screen is small, it is impossible for a user to fully read an object which is too long.

You should know that on average, on a phone it is possible to read between 33 and 43 characters , depending on the email software used (gmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.).

Work on Copywriting

You need to know the basics of copywriting in order to be able to craft attention grabbing and click- through email subjects .

For this, your object can be short or long . It all depends on your working method and the situation.

For a particular email, it is quite possible to write only one or two word (s) in the subject line of the email . Indeed, this can leave suspense and surprise and thus strongly encourage subscribers to your email list to click to open your message.

For others, it is possible to use notions of copywriting in a longer object.

Know the deliverability

To make your choice, you should also know one thing: emails with short subject lines sometimes deliver better than others, which have rather long subjects.

Therefore, it is normally advisable not to write an email subject that is too long, i.e. 60 characters maximum .

Test your audience

We cannot tell you exactly what size should be the subject of the email . It depends on many aspects.

You must test the deliverability of your emails , even if the subjects are long. To do this, it’s simple, you just have to send your next email with a longer subject than usual (around 100 characters for example) and then see if the deliverability rate has dropped.

Then you should also test your audience’s response . For this, it is important to perform A / B tests in particular. You can then send an email with two different subject lines to two parts of your audience. The first object will be very short, and the second longer. You can then analyze the open rates of your emails and see if they are different.

We invite you to test your audience several times to be sure that one or the other solution is more effective.

As you can see, there is no ideal size for the subject line of the email . It mainly depends on how your audience reacts to your different tests. However, if you know that the majority of your subscribers open their emails from their mobile, it may be worth opting for relatively short subjects. If you want more tips about your email marketing, don’t hesitate to read this article !

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