What is a Sales Tunnel?

The expression Sales Tunnel is particularly widespread in recent years. Also known as funnel, this is a concept appreciated by Marketing or E-Commerce specialists.

What is a sales tunnel? What is it used for ? Why use the sales tunnel marketing technique? Entrepreneur-Freedom guides you!

Sales tunnel: definition

A sales tunnel is a sales process, the purpose of which is to bring its target towards a predefined goal. Thanks to this marketing strategy, we will convert a visitor into a prospect and then a client. The terms tunnel conversion, funnel sales and funnel are synonymous to tunnel sales.

Today, in e-commerce, sales tunnels are the most efficient technique to convert your target into a customer. All online store CMSs allow to create sales funnels, since it is possible to create it manually.

Some tools are added to these CMS and greatly facilitate the task of the e-merchant as they allow automation of the process. Among these tools, ClickFunnels is today the most popular and the most powerful. With this automated version of lead acquisition, the e-merchant can focus on its products, develop other offers, retain customers or seek another audience.

Sales tunnel: Methodology

How does a sales tunnel work?

We will discuss the operation of the sales tunnel by providing a very concrete example.

You manage an online shop selling training on the internet. Your training consists of a video block of 12 x 50 minutes, each block addressing a theme of the main theme which is “How to succeed in Dropshipping through the POD”.

The value of this training is 197 €. While it represents a cost but you are an expert on the subject and the added value is much higher than this starting amount. Finally, there is no doubt that your target finds a quick return on investment through your training. In addition, you propose to be available in support to support beginners. In short, it’s a great offer and you believe it firmly.

Who are we talking to in a sales tunnel?

What is your target? What is his main problem? How to help? The basic idea of the operation of the sales tunnel (or conversion tunnel) is to identify the real needs of the people you want to attract into your process. Your target will be the people who wish to train in Dropshipping to open a shop and make money.

On your website, it will create a page entirely dedicated to your product: training. Since you have perfectly targeted the problems of your prospects, you will write a sales page well argued: the art of copywriting. Each word, each turn of phrase, each image, each button must be oriented towards the conversion of the prospect.

Once this page is created, you will propel it on the various communication channels that you have identified. Take the example of Facebook Ads, where you can create a sponsored post “Earn Money on the Internet by Training Dropshipping!”. Keep in mind that it is better to have a narrow but qualitative target than the other way around.

Thanks to your Facebook campaign, visitors arrive on your page. Only half will take the time to discover your offer. At the bottom of the page, the visitor will be faced with your conversion goal: usually a form to fill out or a product to download. Whatever the choice, the conversion tunnel will have to play its role: to retain the customer if he wishes to leave, or to send it to the next step if he clicks on the button / link.

Now, your potential customer reaches the next stage of your sales tunnel that may be :

  • A sales page
  • A fixed-term offer
  • An e-mail sequence
  • Downloading an e-book
  • etc …

The different stages of the Sales Tunnel

A complete sales tunnel breaks down into 5 major stages.

  1. I define a target as accurately as possible, then I draw it
  2. Thanks to my Landing Page created specifically for my product and my target, I optimize the conversion rate
  3. Now, prospects are at home! I engage them by sending them a sequence of emails, videos, or leads them to my sales page
  4. Here they are now on my shop or my sales page. Thanks to a well-written editorial, I sell them my product or my service
  5. I maximize their loyalty: I maintain the business relationship. The basic visitors have become my clients, for me to make sure that they continue to appeal to me for other products and service. Bonus: I take the opportunity to turn them into commercial by offering a sponsorship system.

Automate its Sales Tunnels?

While there is still a decade, it required a tool for marketing action, today there are complete turnkey offers. These are Marketing Automation tools such as Clickfunnels.

Managing all of your sales strategy from the same interface is a comfort that no marketer, e-merchant, infopreneur, consultant or coach will deny.

Some Marketing Automation Tools :

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