What is the price of ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software in SAAS mode allowing to realize personalized sales tunnels very optimized to have a high rate of conversion. It is currently one of the best Web Marketing tools. If you want more information about Clickfunnel, you can click on this link and read my article on the subject. What is the price of clickfunnels ?

Why to invest in ClickFunnels ?

The vast majority of people want to start and become financially independent but do not want to invest money in the first place. This may be possible in some cases, but you will be wasting time on your quest for financial freedom and success. We all dream of becoming rich without paying the least euro, but the profitability and the performance of our business are measured very often also with the investments that we make there (whether time or money). What you need to look at is not the price you invest but the benefits it brings.

If you start your project and believe in its potential, ClickFunnels is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make right now.

You can also test the solution for free for 14 days.

How much cost Clickfunnels ?

There are two subscriptions for ClickFunnels, the Basic subscription and the Etison Suite (the complete package with automation and the possibility to make the affiliation for your products).

The basic formula at $ 97 per month gives you access to all tunneling tools. On the other hand, you are limited to 20 tunnels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors.

The $ 297 per month formula gives you access to all ClickFunnels features without any restrictions. You also have access to Actionetics (automation of email reminders) and BackPack (affiliation on your products).

Prix de ClickFunnels
Prix de ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels may seem like a relatively expensive investment, but the potential results for your business can also explode.

ClickFunnels offers in all cases a 14-day trial period using this link, and I strongly urge you to test ClickFunnels for free now and give you an opinion on the solution by yourself. If you are not convinced you will still be able to cancel your ClickFunnels account in one click.

How can I save money on the price of Clickfunnels?

Annual subscription

By taking an annual subscription with ClickFunnels you will save 16% compared to the monthly price. This is a significant saving, the disadvantage is that you have to take out this amount in one fell swoop. You can not smooth the subscription every month. If you have enough cash, I recommend this option that can save you almost $ 200 a year with the basic formula.

Benefit from 14 free days

You can benefit from 14 days free (cancelable at any time) thanks to this link. It’s always 14 days during which you will not need to pay ClickFunnels. It is also the ideal way to test it so that you see for yourself all the benefits of this solution.

What is the price of other Clickfunnels products?

There are many additional products for Clickfunnels to help you maximize your business and maximize your online business

DotComSecrets Book

DotcomSecrets is one of the first books written by Russel Brunson. You will learn how to create your sales tunnels and how to be the fastest profitable with ClickFunnels by selling your products online. A must read for anyone using ClickFunnels.

By going through our link, the product is free, you only have the shipping to pay.

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts will help you generate content for your sales tunnels very easily. It will help you generate content (in English but you can translate it) for your sales tunnels so that it converts at best. The copywriting (your texts) of your pages and an important element of your sales tunnel and your marketing strategy.

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ClickFunnels may seem quite expensive, the return on investment can be very important. I strongly advise for all those who sell ebooks, product info or make e-commerce single product to use ClickFunnels. You will simply have one of the best sales tunnel in the market.

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