What is an instagram bot ?

Ever wondered how some Instagram accounts are getting bigger and bigger and have more than 1000 followers in a few weeks? How do they get so much commitment in such a short time? It can happen that some accounts arrive naturally very quickly by making a buzz, but most of the accounts that grow so quickly use an instagram bot.

Are you looking for an easy and efficient way to grow your business and community quickly? You will need a bot that will help you attract thousands of people to your Instagram account.

An Instagram bot is an automation software that helps your account to have more followers. If you want to know more, keep reading this article.

An Instagram bot, what is it?

An Instagram bot is an automation software that helps you automatically perform tasks on your Instagram account, such as subscribe and unsubscribe from other accounts, like and comment on photos, etc … The most active users do it manually every day, but it takes them a lot of time, and time is money!

With the help of an instagram bot, you can target specific accounts or hashtags, and even schedule your posts to automatically post them at a desired time.

Main features of an Instagram bot

  • Subscribe
  • Unsubscribe
  • Automatic comment
  • Like automatic photo
  • Automatic private message
  • Deleting comments
  • Repost of photos from other accounts

Bots are one of the most powerful automation tools at the moment to quickly develop your Instagram community, but that does not stop you from being powerful in the long run of posting quality content.

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Is it secure to use an Instagram bot ?

If you do not set up your instagram bot properly, you may have your account temporarily disabled or disabled altogether. It is a powerful tool that can speed up the creation of your community but that you must configure correctly. I invite you to read our tutorials on how to configure an instagram bot to put all the chances on your side to grow your account without being banned.

Which instagram bot to choose?

There are dozens of Instagram bots and all are not equal. Make sure you use a legitimate one and do not spam or risk being banned.

You should choose a bot :

  • Respects the rules of limitation of instagram both in terms of post, subscriptions and like.
  • Is easy to use
  • Is a trusted software. Check if they are not scams, free or cheap bots, are usually scams or fraudulent products

The most famous are Instazood, Alfred and Jarvee. Don’t hesitate to try instazood , it’s the more performant and you can try it for free during 3 days.

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Advantages and disadvantages of an Instagram bot


1- Quick and efficiently

The use of a bot will allow you to have subscriber gains for your account very quickly and efficiently and much more simply than if you realized it by hand.

2- Time saving

You will not have to spend time managing your social network. All you have to do is concentrate on adding quality content and your other tasks.

4- Earn followers and likes quickly

The more you are on Instagram, the more your posts will be highlighted. The use of a bot makes it more likely that your photos are put forward and seen by other users.

5- Many statistics

Most bots offer you the ability to track your stats and engagement rate with your community.


1- Risk of Shadowban and ban

Instagram has set up restrictions to prevent the social network from being invaded by spam. These limitations change regularly and are usually only suppositions, Instagram is not very talkative on the subject.

In general, you should avoid doing actions simultaneously, and sending too many requests in a short time. You can easily set limits on different Instagram bots to avoid being banned.

2- Inconsistent comments

Bots allow you to automatically leave a comment on a photo. The bots, however, do not look at the photo and post a comment predefined by you upstream automatically. It may happen that your bot leaves a comment that has nothing to do with the photo. I advise against using this feature if you are not an expert on the subject.

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Why use an Instagram bot ?

For most e-commerce sites, all their sales are based on a marketing strategy. A large majority of followers of a personal Instagram account is actually made of companies who subscribe to their page hoping that in return the user does the same with theirs and gain visibility.

More you have subscriber to your account, more you will have. People brings people, it’s a little like if you have the choice between two restaurants side by side, one is empty and the other full, you prefer to go in the crowded one because you will say that so many people can not to be wrong and that it is necessarily better here!

The strategy with an Instagram bot is the same, the goal is to get as many people as possible to follow you and make a snowball effect over time.

The basic rules if you want to take an Instagram bot

1- Use only one bot per account. Never put two bots on an Instagram account
2- Use a bot for a single account. It is best not to use a bot with the same IP on multiple accounts to avoid getting banned.
3- Share quality content, a bot can bring you traffic, to you to build loyalty with content.
4- Ask yourself the right questions:
  What is your target?
  Who are you talking to?
  Who are your competitors ?
  Which hashtags are best for you?
5- Never exceed the limits of Instagram (do not follow more than 7,500 people for example) or have a ratio subscribers / subscriptions greater than two.
6- Add comments that seem funny and creative.


The key to success for a successful Instagram marketing is to be active, to have quality content and a good rate of commitment. Some repetitive tasks can be automated with a bot, and can allow you to clear time for higher added value and less repetitive tasks. The Instagram bots are then very useful and that’s where they show their full potential.

If you want to quickly develop your account on Instagram, a bot will not be enough, but will help you get there faster. Find the comparison of Instagram bots on our site.

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