What is Clickfunnels ?

Clickfunnels is a marketing tool to create highly optimized sales tunnels with a very high conversion rate and upsell.

Before continuing to explain what Clickfunnels is, you must first know a few notions about sales tunnels.
A sales tunnel is a process in which you direct traffic and therefore potential customers to sensitize them and convince them to take action. This action may be to subscribe to a newsletter, to buy one of your physical products or a dematerialized product such as your last training.
Creating an effective sales tunnel, unfortunately takes a lot of time, requires a lot of skills and various tools to synchronize.

That’s where Clickfunnels comes in, it brings together all the tools you need in one place that is easy to use and intuitive. And it does it well, launched in 2014, today is for me the best selling tunnel on the market without having to write a single line of code.

Clickfunnels is positioned today as the indispensable tools in Internet marketing and in the creation of a single-product store.

What is Clickfunnels for?

Clickfunnels allows online entrepreneurs to multiply their conversion rates and therefore their sales. It is more than just a sales page. It integrates all the tools you need to have an optimized sales tunnel.

You do not waste your time trying different tools and subscribe to different subscriptions. Everything is included in one. All you have to do is attract traffic to your sales channel.

With Clickfunnels, you’ll be able to make product sales, create webinars, upsell and completely customized and optimized sales pages. You can start from a blank page or use one of the many templates available and create your sales channel in minutes.

You want an e-commerce site with a good conversion rate? Try Clickfunnels for free for 14 days by clicking here.


Clickfunnels offers a wide variety of features, including the following:

Sales page optimized for search engines

Optimized display for mobiles

Numerous templates available to save you time when creating your Tunnel

Creating an optin page to retrieve emails

Creation of webinars

Management of a member area

No code to realize, everything to be done in click and drop if you wish

Survey Management

Integrations of videos, images, Facebook comments, countdown. FAQ, etc.

Tools for tracking and analyzing your sales tunnels

Split Testing tools and A / B tests to find the best sales channel for your business.

Ability to affiliate with the products you sell (via ClickFunnels BackPack)

Integrated autoresponder with Actionectics (sending automatic message to your customers). However, the features are less advanced than with a dedicated autoresponder like sendinblue , klaviyo or getresponse.

Upsell page to increase your average basket


Here are the main benefits of Clickfunnels.

  • Ease of use and grip. You can create your first sales tunnel in less than an hour.
  • Numerous models available to help you realize your first sales tunnels.
  • All in one solution, you do not need to buy other products. Everything you need is included.
  • Integration with most of the autoresponder software, accounting (via Zapier) and payment.
  • New features regularly added
  • 14-day trial period free
  • Split Testing / A / B Tests
  • Many conversion tracking stats
  • Proven effectiveness that no longer needs to be demonstrated

Disadvantages of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels nevertheless has some small apparent disadvantages.

  • The price, for a starter, Clickfunnels can seem expensive compared to other competitors, but the price is justified, it is very complete and will quickly pay off if you adopt the right strategies and if you have the necessary motivation.
  • Test Function and Split Testing functional but fairly basic.
  • Clickfunnels is very intuitive in its use, however some push functions can still be improved in their configuration. I have no doubt that this will be the case in the near future.
  • A page design that can sometimes look a little old, but that converts impressively. Is not it the goal to make sales?

Offers and prices

Above all, you must understand that the creation of a sales tunnel can bring you very large sums of money. It should nevertheless be seen as a long-term investment, Clickfunnels may be an almost perfect solution, it is nonetheless not magic and you will have to spend time and / or train to different techniques in order to optimize your tunnel of sale. If you’re ready, go for it, Clickfunnels will be your best ally. It will save you time and … money in the end despite the fact that it is a paid product.

If you use the following link, Clickfunnels offers you 14 days of free trial of their solution. This gives you the time to discover their product and choose between the two offers it offers.

Formula at $97 per month that gives you access to their sales tunnel creation tools.
You are however limited to:
– 20 funnels
– 20000 visitors
– 100 pages
– 3 customizable domain names

  • Formula at $97 per month that gives you access to their sales tunnel creation tools.
    You are however limited to:
    – 20 funnels
    – 20000 visitors
    – 100 pages
    – 3 customizable domain names
    This still leaves you plenty of way to make many sales tunnels. This formula does not give access to l’autorépondeur and affiliate tools.
  • The $297 per month formula gives you access to all of Clickfunnels ‘tools, including Actionetics and Backpack, which allow you to use Clickfunnels’ integrated autoresponder as well as affiliate your products. You can create as many tunnels as you want and an unlimited number of visitors can see your tunnels.

How to create a Clickfunnels account ?

To use Clickfunnels, you must first create an account. If it’s not already done, click on the link here and enjoy 14 days free. You will then be able to benefit for free for 14 days from this essential software in the online business.

Once on the Clickfunnels page click on “Start free 14 days trial now”, then choose the subscription you want to test then fill in your name, email and a password then validate. The details of your credit card will then be requested later. You will receive a confirmation email, read it and click on the link to start using Clickfunnels and log in to your account.

After 14 days, you will have the choice to close your account or continue with Clickfunnels.


Clickfunnels is the essential tool for creating online sales tunnels and especially if you are selling a single product. The road to success is often long and difficult but I have no doubt that Clickfunnels will make it easier for you to reach the top. Whether you are a beginner or an online business expert, Clickfunnels should meet your tunneling needs.

The Clickfunnels team is one of the leaders in web marketing. They often offer interesting tools or books to improve WebMarketing.

If you want your free book, you can pick it up here.

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