What is an autoresponder ?

You’ve probably been confronted with an autoresponder before without even noticing. Almost all e-commerce companies use one and maybe even you on your e-mail. The famous message “Hello, I am currently on vacation, I will return on September 3rd is an email from an autoresponder. Well this is the basic’s version of the autoresponder of course.

An autoresponder is a tool that allows you to send sequences of emails to your customers and prospects in an automatic, relevant and effective way and at the frequency you decide.

It’s a must-have tool to maximize your marketing and build a trusting relationship with your customers from the moment you do not send spam. An email marketing campaign with an autoresponder is a very effective method to sell your products or increase your traffic on your website.

The emails sent are written and recorded in the autoresponder and are then sent to subscribers according to certain criteria that you have determined. They are sent one after another with a delay between each email you set.

An autoresponder is an indispensable tool from the first months of the creation of your e-commerce site or your business. It will allow you to build a human relationship with your prospects and customers and increase your turnover.


What can an autoresponder do for you ? What are theirs features ?

You will find the main functions of an autoresponder.

Collect and store email addresses

An autoresponder allows you to store the email addresses of your prospects but also to make different lists in order to segment your customer base.

Create and generate forms for capturing emails

Most autoresponders have features to create email address capture forms, whether for your blog or e-commerce site. This form invites visitors to your site to enter their email address to receive your newsletter or special offers or special offers from your site.

It is very difficult to have traffic on your site, so it is important to make sure that people who come to you leave their email address so that you can keep in touch with it later.

Send emails automatically

The main function of an autoresponder is sending emails to your subscribers automatically and simultaneously. You just have to program and set the email sequences once so that everything is automatic then.


What can trigger sending a cycle of sending emails?

You can trigger a sending of emails according to different parameters that may be different depending on your needs.

Registration via a form on your site

This is one of the most common series. When a person enters his email, it then enters a series of emails that it will receive along the way depending on the setting of the autoresponder. For example, you can make a series of emails on your last product that has just been released and if the person does not buy your product, send another series of emails to another product or add it to your newsletter so that it receives all your news. We can indeed start a new email sequence at the end of a first sequence.

Abandon basket

Most e-commerce sites send cart abandonment emails. I advise for my part to make a sequence of three emails spaced in time to remind potential customers that their purchase is not finalized.

Order on your site

The thank you email as well as the sending of the invoice is often done by an autoresponder. Most of the commercial sites use one and some take the opportunity to slip a new offer to convert the customer again.

Following a particular date

You can also make a list based on the customer’s birthday, the number of days after their last purchase, or the last time they visited the site. It all depends on the possibilities of your autoresponder.

Depending on the type of material from which the mail was read

You can trigger an email sequence for all owners of an iPhone, an android phone or a laptop or desktop to target them best and possibly promote your mobile application if you have one .


  • Suggest an upsell after a purchase
  • Invite people to write a comment or review on the product they have just purchased
  • Thank the best customers
  • Try to re-engage your worst customers or prospects
  • etc …

Sales series and promotion of a particular product

To begin, you must have the email of a prospect potentially interested in your product. You can do this by different means, the most often used way is to offer or offer a few things to the person in exchange for his email address (an ebook for example).

Once you have it, you will send a series of emails to the potential customer to push it to purchase.

You can start by sending him an email asking him if he has read the ebook and if he has more and offer him a product that you are selling in connection with this ebook.

A few days later, you can send him a video presenting a little more the product in question and a few days after a new email with customer feedback on this product.

You can send other types of email such as:

  • product demo
  • a customer feedback
  • an exclusive promotion limited in time
  • expert review on the theme of your product and who would the merits of your product
  • Frequently asked questions about your product.

This example is of course fictitious, I advise you to read our article on how to make a series of sales emails to learn a little more.


The advantages of an autoresponder

There are several advantages to using an autoresponder.


The emailing is inexpensive, you can thanks to a few tens of euros to contact thousands of people every month. The return on investment is often higher than the ads.


The autoresponder, is often quite easy to take in hand after having followed a small training or by browsing only the user interface of the product. Feel free to browse our tutorials to configure your first email sequences. You can also easily track your return on investment through the autoresponder. You will thus see the turnover achieved following an email campaign.


Once your email campaign is created, the mailing is instantaneous and distributed to all your subscribers.

The effectiveness

More than half of Internet users consult and send emails every day. Your email is very likely to be read and seen. Emails can be more targeted to people in particular, emails are very targeted, return on investment will be better.


One of the biggest advantages of the autoresponder is automation. Once configured, everything is automatic. You have nothing to do. Your autoresponder never sleeps, and will send 24/7 emails as you have configured them.


Few autorespondeurs

There are lots of autoresponder on the market, you can find a comparison autoresponder on the site. The most common are SG-Autorépondeur, aweber, getresponse, sendinblue et klaviyo.


If you have an e-commerce site or blog, I advise you to set up an autoresponder right away. You will start now to enlarge your mailing list and recontact all visitors and potential customers.

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