What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate is a marketing technique consisting in recovering a commission for a product that has been promoted to its own audience. Rather simple as a definition, is not it? Let’s detail it a little bit.

Affiliation on the Internet has been on the rise for a few years. Yet this is a concept as old as the trade itself. Indeed, at all times, affiliation has existed. To recover a commission for having brought a customer, one could also call this bringer of business (real estate, brokerage, banks), agent (artistic field, travels), etc …

We will be interested in a Webmarketing Affiliation approach: How does Affiliation work? How to find partners? How to make money by recommending products?

Affiliation on the Internet: what exactly?

Affiliation on the internet includes three main actors:

  • The affiliator is the company that designs the product / service. The affiliator, in his process of finding more customers, will seek to gain an echo for his product / service.
  • The affiliate: the person who recommends the product of the affiliator. This can be via a website whose audience is the target of the initial business, an influencer, or anyone who has the ability to recommend the product against which he will earn a commission.
  • The customer: it is the one who, in the end, buys the product and finances the whole system. No customer, no affiliation: no income, neither for the affiliator nor for the affiliate.

How does it work, the affiliation?

Now that we have identified the different parts of the Marketing Affiliation, let’s look at how this system works. Do you want to make money thanks to the affiliation? Here’s the procedure to follow !

Creating an audience

The first step to applying for an affiliate program is to have an audience! And to build an audience, there are different ways:

  • Create a niche site or authority on a very specific topic. In this way, you will get traffic from people interested in your topic. Example: you create a website on the development of babies and the relationship between parents / children: you will have the freedom to promote products with the same target as you, such as a seller of water toys, educational books or more mats of awakening.
  • Create an Instagram account about your passion, and build its audience by sharing its best advice. Become an expert in the field. Attention, here, your abilities must be really pushed to have influence with other enthusiasts. Also, you have to be comfortable enough with your image for this strategy to work. Example: Instagrammers trip / sport / DIY, etc …
  • Create an e-mail list of people whose focus is the product you want to promote
  • Create highly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to push the product directly to the most qualified audience possible. Example, for the sale of Tshirt Sport, push the message to all those who follow pages of athletes, fans, etc …

Building your audience is the keystone of affiliate marketing. Without a hearing, it is impossible to have the reputation and legitimacy to recommend a product or service.

Often time-consuming, this step is often considered an investment. In fact, today you are planting the first seed, creating content to water it, and then reaping the benefits when your audience is large enough to start a partnership.

Affiliation: a win-win partnership

You have understood, the seller (affiliator), seeks to sell more products. This is the very foundation of the trade. You, thanks to the audience that you created through your different actions, benefit today from a large audience which is its target.

There is nothing easier for the seller to solicit you to talk about his product, in return for a fee (the affiliate commission). This is a win-win relationship, where both parties are winners.

Affiliation Marketing


The ecosystem of affiliation has been structured over the years and in order to secure exchanges and centralize offers, affiliate platforms have emerged. Thanks to them, it is now easier to:

  • Find partners in relation to your audience
  • Get in touch with sellers already know the concept
  • Benefit from accurate sales tracking
  • Have a view on his commissions in real time

The affiliate platform brings together the seller and the buyer, each with his account when two professionals do business, an affiliate link is generated of the type:


The affiliate copies / pastes this link on his website, usually by writing an article / comparative / feedback on the product. The next step is for him to promote his article to his audience.

The buyer potential clicks on this generated link, and goes to the merchant site of the seller (affiliator). With it, it carries a cookie that allows the affiliate platform to keep track of the transaction, remunerate the affiliate, and bill the affiliator.

Some of the most recognized affiliate platforms:

One of the most popular affiliate products is ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels wants people to advertise their product and do everything to make you successful. They have also done a training on the subject of a value of $ 997 which is currently offered, to enjoy it you just need to click here.

Do you still have questions about the affiliation? Want to know more ? Discover all ours posts about affiliate marketing. An experience to share? Do not hesitate, you can use the comment section below!

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