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There are many ways to make money on the internet. We can indeed look at dropshipping, which is a real phenomenon among web entrepreneurs. It is also possible to live thanks to its content, whether written, video or audio. Indeed, today you can create a blog or a Youtube channel to create content on a particular topic to attract prospects. Then you just have to sell training, or why not a book to your audience in order to generate income. However, when you have an audience, it may be worthwhile to focus on the affiliation. So today we’re looking at several affiliate platforms that you might be interested in if you are.

What is affiliation ?

Before we begin, a reminder is in order for people who do not yet know exactly what is affiliation. It is a lever used more and more by entrepreneurs to make a living on the web. In fact, the idea is to promote someone else’s product or service in order to generate income for them, but also for you since you earn commissions on sales.

Usually, it is necessary to have a qualified audience. Then all you need to do is research products or services that might be of interest to that particular audience. When you have found the perfect product, you can promote it to your audience.

Depending on the situation, you will have to demonstrate it or simply highlight the strong arguments of the product in question. Everything is played here, since you have to be able to fully understand your audience and sell the product to them in an appropriate way.

There it will then be important to share a link or discount code that will let the seller of the product know that sales are made because of you. You will then be remunerated according to the number of sales or the turnover made thanks to you.

It is possible to go directly to a salesperson and work out with them regarding the commission rate or other aspects of the collaboration. Otherwise, you can opt for platforms d’affiliation. The latter offer you many products or services to promote, with predefined commissions.

How to choose your affiliate platform ?

The number of platforms dedicated to affiliation is very large. This is the reason why it is essential to choose the right platform (s) to use.

For this, you have to take into account different criteria that will ensure you do not go wrong.

The type of products offered

First, it is necessary to check the type of products that the platform offers. If you have a blog on entrepreneurship and only want to promote online training courses, for example, it is good to know the platforms specializing in this field. If, on the contrary, you have a blog on general health, it may be interesting to be able to offer physical products or digital products.

Tracking data

It is important to compare the different platforms with regard to the statistics made available to affiliates. Indeed, it is necessary to track the conversions you have made in order to be able to understand what is working and what is not with your audience.

So remember to check that there is indeed a possibility of tracking sales and commissions.

The quality of advertisers

Depending on the platform, advertisers have more or fewer steps to follow and information to provide about their products. If anyone can put their product on the platform, you won’t be able to tell if all the products you want to promote are of high quality unless you buy them all (which is not obvious if you start with little investment).

You must therefore be sure of the quality of the advertisers of the platforms that interest you..


Finally, to be sure you don’t have a problem, it is important to take into consideration the level of customer support quality. Is the platform support responsive? You can try to find reviews on Google or in Facebook groups for example.

What are the best affiliate platforms ?

There is a multitude of platforms offering the possibility of making affiliation. We have selected a few to guide you in choosing the right platform.


You know Amazon for the incredible number of products they offer for sale. Maybe you are working with the platform to sell dropshipping? But did you know that the brand offers an affiliate platform ?

Indeed, Amazon offers you, through its Partner Club, the opportunity to promote any product that is on the marketplace and to earn commissions. The amount of commissions depends on the types of products sold and ranges from 1% to 12% of turnover.

You can then create a blog on a particular topic, then promote all the products you want. However, you should know that the platform will only pay you your commissions when you have reached a certain amount during the current period..


Awin is a significant player in the affiliate market. European leader, it is present in more than 190 countries. This affiliate platform is one of the top 3 most used in France.

It will allow you to highlight many products in many markets.


Clickbank is a comprehensive tool that allows anyone to get started with the affiliate. Indeed, it is possible to get help and especially to learn about this activity thanks to the knowledge provided by the platform.

Even someone who has never been an affiliate will be able to understand how this system works and easily apply the advice given.

In addition, the platform offers many statistics that will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns and to know which products to focus on, for example.


1TPE is one of the most well-known affiliate platforms. It offers to sell or promote only digital products. These can be digital books (ebooks), or online video training.

The advantage is that these products have a basic creation cost, but this cost does not vary according to the number of products sold. For example, someone who has created an online training course has spent time there and certainly invested in their training platform. But whether he sells one formation or ten, his cost of creating remains the same. It’s not like physical products.

As a result, the commissions are often very interesting and go up to 70% of the sale price. Salespeople have nothing to lose, they just earn more from you. This is why it can be really interesting for you to work with this affiliate platform.


Like Amazon, Rakuten is a marketplace that allows you to buy or sell a lot of products. The brand also offers an affiliate program that allows you to promote products to your audience.

To do this, it is necessary to have an online site in order to display banners and affiliate links to the products that interest you.


Netaffiliation allows you to promote products in different areas (retail, online betting, travel, etc.) with great ease.

It is possible to register for free on the platform and then enjoy a very practical and ergonomic interface. You will have access to extensive statistics so that you can best promote the products you want.

The platform offers innovative compensation methods that allow you to pay as fair as possible.


The affiliation has more than 650 advertisers. This leaves you with a wide choice in a wide variety of fields. The affiliate platform is very pleasant to use. It is possible to take advantage of a notification system that will help you not to miss a product that seems interesting to promote for you.

You will be able to promote products from major brands, such as Monoprix, Eram or Boulanger.


This platform is little used in France and yet it has many advantages. First, on Jvzoo there is a huge number of digital products available and ready to be sold thanks to you.

In addition, when you share a link to a particular product, the prospect who clicks on that link can buy another product than this one, you will still be commissioned.

Most of the products that it is possible to sell are in English, but it is possible for you to stand out by helping potential French customers to use the tools you have chosen to promote. To do this, you just need to explain how it works in French, which many affiliates will not bother to do.

There are many other affiliates or business platforms that offer great affiliate programs for your business. Here are a few more :

  • Peerfly
  • Trade tracker
  • Digiproduct
  • Cj affiliate
  • Healthtrader

All you have to do is find more information on the affiliate platforms that attract you and make your choice.

If you would like to seek the advice of other entrepreneurs who have already used affiliate platforms, do not hesitate to join our Facebook group !

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