The 4 best techniques to get backlinks

We’ve already talked about it on the blog: Google’s algorithm is becoming more intelligent when it comes to indexing content in its search results. For the same reason, the links to your website have become very important. Today, this is clearly the No. 1 criterion for Google and getting quality backlinks is definitely the best strategy to adopt to improve its SEO.

How to get backlinks? Can we still get backlinks easily? Let yourself be embarked on an overview in the world of links!

What is a Backlink?

First of all, let’s define the foundation of this article by getting to know the backlink. What are we talking about?

Definition of backlink: This is a link on another website pointing to your website. We also speak of incoming link or return link.

The general idea is to say that the more your site benefits from backlink, the better your SEO will be. Yes but here it is, if it were so simple, everyone would be 1st in the Google SERP results 🙂

Not all links have the same weight. The criteria taken into account to measure the quality of the backlink are varied: they take into account the age of the page that sends the link, consistency with the theme, the quality of the content, etc …

Old false good ideas

A lot of past techniques are completely obsolete today. A few years ago, it was enough to collect incoming links. We did not try to get quality backlinks, but simply to accumulate them. Among the techniques to forget today:

  • Spam forums, article comments
  • Make links exchanges without correlation with its theme
  • Suggest links in footers …
  • Register to all the directories of the planet
  • Create a PBN without strategy

#1 : Write guest articles to get backlinks

To get backlinks, there are dozens of strategies. The technique of writing guest articles is probably one of the most effective.

You will quickly understand in this article that getting inbound links is a tedious job. While this may sound daunting at first, you’ll find out later that this is a priority investment for your site / blog.

The strategy of the guest article is a technique where both parties are winners. Indeed :

  • You offer quality content to a website / blogger. That makes him a new news on his site and brings him potentially of traffic since you will relay probably the article
  • You get a return link in exchange, improving the performance of your website

In order to write a guest article, just make a list of sites and blogs whose theme is close to yours. Contact the owner by submitting an article on a subject with a particular angle of view, and together define the conditions of your partnership: the number of words, the type of content and most importantly, the number of DoFollow links you will get.

#2 : The dead link technique

Here is another technique that will interest the owner of a website: the dead link technique.

This is a very effective way to get backlinks, since you are serving a website where some outgoing links are simply dead. Having written content on the same theme, all you have to do now is propose to your interlocutor to replace the link with yours, which would take him 2 minutes maximum.

The advantage is that the article is already existing, it probably drains traffic, certainly enjoys a comfortable sitting on Google. Your link will benefit both the number of visitors to the page but also its authority.

The most popular tool for easily locating all dead links on a page is Google’s, Check My Links. The tool will check in a few seconds all the links of a page, and bring out the dead links.

Obtenir des backlinks grâce aux liens morts

#3 : The list of the best blogs on a theme

A technique old as the internet, yet still effective: draw up a list of the best blogs of your theme. Indeed, who has never wanted to appear in a list of blogs that are recommended to its readers for its theme? We all like to be seen as an expert in our field. Not only does this flatter the pride, but in addition, there is a good chance that your laureate makes a link pointing to your article to talk about it (yes, because it will wish to put forward, it is normal)

This method can be declined as desired :

  • Top 10 blogs that cover travel in Asia
  • My 5 favorite blogs
  • 100 blogs that deal with Marketing
  • 12 blogs I discovered in 2019
  • The “Blog Awards”: you voted, here are the results!
  • etc…

Once again, the only limit is your imagination. Not only do people like Tops, but if they are on your page, they will love reading more content on the topic.

#4 : Create infographics to get backlinks

With the profusion of content on the internet, we all become a little more lazy, and mechanically, we go to visual content.

The video, of course, but also the illustrations. It is for this reason that the infographics are a real cardboard when they are well done.

Infographic is to create an illustration summarizing all the information of an article. They are particularly conducive to sharing on social networks: from Twitter to Pinterest, via Facebook. Some will even resume on their website, which is why we must not forget to “sign”;). As a general rule, anyone who wants to improve their content with your infographic will add a link to your website as copyright.

The infographic opposite is one of the most popular infographics in 2019 according to the site DesignHill . Indeed, this type of content seduces enormously by its aesthetics, its pedagogy and the quality of information that is transmitted. Infographic realized by

On your side, which technique do you find most effective for getting links? Let us know in the comments!

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