Best practices for newsletter

Best practices for newsletter

The newsletter allows each company to maintain an intimate link between it and its customers or prospects. Indeed, subscribers to a company’s newsletter are generally customers or potentially customers and have agreed to receive promotional information and offers from the brand. Thanks to this channel, companies can make a good part of their turnover. It is indeed one of the most efficient acquisition channels today. It is therefore essential for a company not to neglect this point. However, not everyone is aware of the best practices for newsletter delivery. As a result, many people leave money on the table.

Emailing: 8 golden rules for an effective Newsletter

Emailing 8 golden rules for an effective Newsletter

Every year is announced the death of e-mailing. Yet he is still there, and he remains a powerful lever in the field of customer relations: acquisition, transformation, loyalty, etc … The e-mail is not dead. Moreover, it is often said that money is on the list: and it is true. But so that the money is then on your account, it will be necessary to set up an e-mailing strategy. Among them, knowing how to create an effective newsletter.