How to earn money on fiverr ?

How to earn money on fiverr ?

If you’ve been looking for a way to make ends meet on the internet lately, you’ve probably heard of fiverr. It is a microservices platform where we can offer services of all kinds at 5 €, ranging from graphics to the creation of websites. But perhaps the concept did not really appeal to you, you thought that it was impossible to earn money starting at 5 €. Think again ! You can indeed earn additional income on 5euros.com, and even earn a living there. Sit comfortably and take note because in this article I will show you how.

How to react to an ungrateful customer on fiverr ?

How to react to an ungrateful customer on fiverr

If you have already made some sales on the micro-services fiverr site, you may have already dealt with an ungrateful customer who almost made you goat. If you have done well, congratulations. But if in the end, the order was canceled because of him, it’s a shame. It is not always easy to manage an unpleasant customer but we will give you some tips to better understand this kind of situation if it were to (re) occur. What type of unfriendly client are you able to meet? How to turn the situation in your favor? Here are our leads.