What size should be the subject of the email?

What size should be the subject of the email

You have a list of subscribers to your newsletter and you regularly send emails to send promotional offers to your customers, or simply news. Only, you realize that the opening rate of your emails is not very high. You have already researched many solutions on the internet, but today you want to focus on the subject of the email . Wondering what size should be the subject of the email . And that’s a really good question, which we’ll answer in this article. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right size for your email subject lines.

Best practices for newsletter

Best practices for newsletter

The newsletter allows each company to maintain an intimate link between it and its customers or prospects. Indeed, subscribers to a company’s newsletter are generally customers or potentially customers and have agreed to receive promotional information and offers from the brand. Thanks to this channel, companies can make a good part of their turnover. It is indeed one of the most efficient acquisition channels today. It is therefore essential for a company not to neglect this point. However, not everyone is aware of the best practices for newsletter delivery. As a result, many people leave money on the table.

Klaviyo review: best autoresponder for dropshipping?

Klaviyo review: best autoresponder for dropshipping?

Email marketing is a very interesting tool for all types of business. Whether you have a blog, e-commerce, or sell your services, you need to set up an email marketing system. And this is particularly true in e-commerce. An e-commerce company that doesn’t use email is definitely leaving money on the table, a lot of money. Today we are going to take an interest in Klaviyo and share our opinion on this autoresponder with you.

Which autoresponder to choose in 2021?

Which autoresponder to choose in 2019

Achieving e-mail marketing campaigns through an autoresponder is an invaluable time saver for a contractor. In fact, it is even the most important link in the chain when we talk about transformation from visitor to customer. But how to choose your autoresponder?

Why have an autoresponder and what can you do with it?

WhynautoresponderWhat can wedo with it

Do you know that the average conversion rate from a visitor to a customer is usually less than 1%? Do you also know that in E-Commerce, most sales are between the 4th and the 7th relaunch? There is a magic tool to significantly increase your conversion rate and improve the performance of your business: the autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder ?

What is an autoresponder

You’ve probably been confronted with an autoresponder before without even noticing. Almost all e-commerce companies use one and maybe even you on your e-mail. The famous message “Hello, I am currently on vacation, I will return on September 3rd is an email from an autoresponder. Well this is the basic’s version of the autoresponder of course.