Sendinblue : review on this emailing marketing tool

Sendinblue _ review on this emailing marketing tool

Are you starting your blog and looking for an autoresponder to easily send your newsletters? Or on the contrary, do you find that your current emailing software is no longer suitable for your needs? What is certain is that you want effective digital marketing for your business. Setting up your digital communication can take time, so as much to gain by choosing a good autoresponder, right?

Which autoresponder to choose in 2021?

Which autoresponder to choose in 2019

Achieving e-mail marketing campaigns through an autoresponder is an invaluable time saver for a contractor. In fact, it is even the most important link in the chain when we talk about transformation from visitor to customer. But how to choose your autoresponder?

Emailing: 8 golden rules for an effective Newsletter

Emailing 8 golden rules for an effective Newsletter

Every year is announced the death of e-mailing. Yet he is still there, and he remains a powerful lever in the field of customer relations: acquisition, transformation, loyalty, etc … The e-mail is not dead. Moreover, it is often said that money is on the list: and it is true. But so that the money is then on your account, it will be necessary to set up an e-mailing strategy. Among them, knowing how to create an effective newsletter.

Why have an autoresponder and what can you do with it?

WhynautoresponderWhat can wedo with it

Do you know that the average conversion rate from a visitor to a customer is usually less than 1%? Do you also know that in E-Commerce, most sales are between the 4th and the 7th relaunch? There is a magic tool to significantly increase your conversion rate and improve the performance of your business: the autoresponder.

What is an autoresponder ?

What is an autoresponder

You’ve probably been confronted with an autoresponder before without even noticing. Almost all e-commerce companies use one and maybe even you on your e-mail. The famous message “Hello, I am currently on vacation, I will return on September 3rd is an email from an autoresponder. Well this is the basic’s version of the autoresponder of course.