Sendinblue : review on this emailing marketing tool

Are you starting your blog and looking for marketing automation tool to easily send your newsletters? Or on the contrary, do you find that your current emailing software is no longer suitable for your needs? What is certain is that you want effective digital marketing for your business. Setting up your digital communication can take time, so as much to gain by choosing a good marketing automation tool, right?

While researching the perfect web marketing tool for you, you may have heard of Sendinblue email software. You ask yourself the question: is Sendinblue made for me and my business? We will help you answer this question by sharing with you our opinion on Sendinblue.

Sendinblue emailing software: what is it?

For us, Sendinblue is without a doubt one of the best emailing solutions of the moment. Created in 2012 by Armand Thiberge, Sendinblue aims to democratize email marketing. Its teams have developed a simple and effective tool at an attractive price. This e-mailing solution is now used by more than 50,000 companies worldwide.

This e-mailing software is suitable for a wide audience: freelancers, e-merchants or businesses of all sizes. Sendinblue aims to offer powerful tools to its users in order to create easy-to-implement and effective email campaigns.

Sendinblue has an interface entirely in French and english, which can be useful for people who are a bit angry with English. The software has many interesting features, some of which are quite innovative. We have listed some of them and you can find them all on the Sendinblue website.

  • Intuitive edition of newsletters
  • Gallery of customizable templates
  • Create easy-to-use registration forms
  • Email marketing (marketing automation)
  • Campaign report
  • Integration in several CMS

We find the service offering to be very comprehensive and largely competitive compared to other emailing solutions.

Focus on the Sendinblue email marketing

The Sendinblue Marketing Automation is one of the most efficient in our opinion and has nothing to envy its competitors. Its interface is easy to use, it is pleasant and much appreciated. This autoresponder is a great help for sending marketing, promotional emails and newsletters. It saves a lot of time with the creation of scenarios to automate repetitive tasks. The configuration is rather simple. You just have to define the triggers that will cause automatic messages to be sent.

If you would like to have more details on what we can do with an Marketing Automation, we invite you to read our article on the subject.


Writing an email in Sendinblue is pretty quick and simple. The process is done in a few steps. To start, you have to choose its graphics. Over 70 templates are available for free on the platform. They are all responsive design, that is to say that they adapt to any digital medium. They can also be modified, if necessary, or we can simply create our own. Email creation is intuitive and made easier by the drag and drop function.

Personalization of e-mails is also possible as with the insertion of the recipient’s name in a message. The information collected from your contacts when they subscribe to your newsletter will be used later in your email sendings.

The final step is of course to send the newsletter or email. Sendinblue has several options for this task, but the most interesting one is the optimization of the sending time. Here, the software uses statistics to define the best time to send a newsletter, for example.

Contact list

Creating and managing contact lists is relatively easy. What’s more, the number of contacts is unlimited. When creating the account, you have the option of importing your already existing contacts. Then, by going to the Lists menu of the dashboard, you manage your customer and / or prospect contacts. You can also categorize them into different lists (if you haven’t already done so). Then, editing, importing and exporting lists is effortless.


It is also possible to segment its contacts to optimize its rate of openings and clicks. By segmenting, recipients will receive more personalized emails. And they will open them more easily if they feel involved!

Email campaign reports

The campaign reports provided by Sendinblue are complete and very well summarized in the dashboard. We quickly have access to the following indicators:

  • the number of openings, clicks and unsubscriptions;
  • the opening rate;
  • click-through rate;
  • deliverability;
  • etc.

Sendinblue : others features

Sendinblue offers more than just emailing, it’s a complete marketing emailing tool. The software has advanced features such as:

  • management of marketing campaigns;
  • SMS marketing;
  • integration with CMS and e-commerce (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Prestachop …);
  • a CRM (customer relationship management).

Price Sendinblue

Compared to its competitors, it has an excellent quality / price ratio. Initially, the free version can send up to 300 emails per day, or 9,000 emails per month. When you start your digital marketing, it’s not bad and it’s free, so take advantage now!

As for the Sendinblue prices, they are super attractive. Several subscriptions are available as needed.

  • Lite at € 19 / month, 40,000 emails / month and no daily sending quota.
  • Essential at € 29 / month, 60,000 emails / month with removal of the Sendinblue logo and more advanced statistics.
  • Premium at € 49 / month or € 129 / month, 120,000 or 350,000 emails / month, this offer also includes Facebook Ads, optimization of the sending time, the landing page editor and the marketing automation.

With these subscriptions, it is one of the most competitive on the market. Before choosing your plan, remember to take a good look at the number of contacts you have (or the one you want to reach) and to estimate the frequency of sending your newsletter or emails. Also, do not hesitate to test the emailing solution with the free version.


The goods and bad of Sendinblue in our opinion

What we like about Sendinblue

No doubt, for us, Sendinblue is a very efficient e-mailing solution. We like its ease of handling and its ergonomic and intuitive interface. The management of well thought out contact lists helps us to always be very precise and more relevant in campaigns. The reports are numerous and very detailed. We also appreciate the opportunity given to us to evolve our marketing strategy with SMS marketing. Sendinblue also has good technical support. Customer service can be contacted by email, chat and phone.

What we don’t like about Sendinblue

Although Sendinblue is a very good tool, we would have liked a few more templates and a little more qualitative and modern, but this is of course only a subjective opinion and you will in any case surely find your happiness in all those already proposed.

Sendinblue, a good email marketing tool

We are convinced of the quality of Sendinblue, but each user will inevitably have their preferences and sometimes different expectations, the best thing to do is to make your own opinion and test the free version of Sendinblue. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments or on our Facebook group what you think.

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