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Have you ever spent many hours on Aliexpress , looking for great products to sell on your dropshipping store ? It is true that AliExpress has many advantages since it is a Marketplace that connects e-merchants and suppliers. There are millions of references and the choice is more than vast.

And yet this is the problem … There are so many choices that you can get lost and not really know where to look. Could this product sell more than this one? Should I choose this provider instead, or this one? As an e-merchant working in dropshipping, we then ask ourselves many questions that waste precious time. Today, we want to offer you an easier way to find winner products thanks to Dropshipme.

Dropshipme is a tool that was designed to make your life easier. You will be able to choose from among products already pre-selected by the Dropshipme team, i.e. around 50,000 products . You can then import these products easily on your Woocommerce store . We invite you to discover our opinion on Dropshipme .

Selection of products and suppliers

First of all, you should know that Dropshipme allows you to find “winner” products with good suppliers. Indeed, the team of this extension carried out a real work of selection both on the products and on the suppliers. As a result, we go from several hundred thousand references to around 50,000 products.

The tool therefore offers you a list of interesting products and this, according to different criteria. First of all, they take into account the number of sales . If a product sells very well, it will normally be integrated into the tool. Then this product must be of quality . This is why we take customer opinions into account . If the scores are too low, the products will not be included in the Dropshipme list.

For each product, you are shown the purchase price and the price at which you can sell it . In fact, the platform makes sure to choose only products for which a sufficiently interesting profit is possible.

You will also only be offered products that are generally delivered within a reasonable time .

Finally, as we said above, there is not only a selection of products, but also suppliers. For this, the tool only offers you reliable suppliers , who have good customer feedback and who generally deliver their products quickly. The seniority of suppliers is also taken into account.

Win time

Thanks to Dropshipme , you will then save precious time since you just have to search for your products directly on the platform. You will be offered different products, but you know that all of them are of high quality and that all of the suppliers offered are reliable. If you used to do your sourcing directly on Aliexpress, you will quickly realize the difference and the time saved.

Work on the products offered

The Dropshipme plugin doesn’t just bring you great products and great suppliers. They have also made your job as easy as possible . Indeed, all of the products that the tool offers have been reworked.

So everything is in English, but it will be easier for you to find your way around. Indeed, rather than having to go looking for the images that interest you and specific information on the product you want, you will have all the right information directly thanks to the application .

All the images offered are of good quality , you will not have to rework them and remove a Chinese logo for example. The titles have also been optimized for enjoyable reading. You will immediately understand what the product is and thus you will have a direct idea of ​​the name for your product.

Then, the description has been shortened and clearly lists the characteristics of the product.

Finally, the tool offers you a recommended sales price in order to achieve an attractive margin for you and still offer an attractive and acceptable price for your customers.

Ease of use

The tool is really practical and suitable for e-merchants working on Woocommerce and who source their products on Aliexpress. On top of that, the app is really easy to use. All you have to do is simply install it, then search for winner products and click on “import” to import the products into your store.

Find winner products

The search for products is facilitated by the provision of tools and powerful search filters. You can search by category and by subcategory. You can also choose to highlight the lowest or highest prices, etc.

All the ergonomics of the application are optimal . You can have all the information on a particular product by simply clicking on it.

There you can see the shipping price and estimated times, the suggested buy and sell price, the number of sales and reviews. You can even see a graph showing the sales made over the past few days.

With one click, you can go directly to the product page on Aliexpress if you want to get even more information about the product in question.

As you can see, Dropshipme saves a lot of time in product and supplier research . In addition, there is little chance that you will come across a bad product or a bad supplier thanks to the preselection that the app offers you.

But that’s not all, since the tool also saves a lot of time when it comes to importing products to your store .

Import products

Now that you have found winning products , all you have to do is import them to your dropshipping store on Woocommerce in order to start promoting them and making sales.

Good news, Dropshipme facilitates the process of importing products . All you have to do is click at the top right of the product you have chosen, on “Import”. There, the product will be directly imported into your catalog.

The tool allows you to import the product as well as all these variations, if there are any. You import the content of the description as well as the images of the product. You will have direct access to the link on the supplier’s product page.

In addition, you can import customer reviews that have been posted on Aliexpress. Here, it will be up to you to see if you want to add these reviews, which are not those of your customers.

Depending on the number of variations and the importance of the information that is imported into your store, the process may take several seconds or minutes. But it’s still faster than if you had to do all the work by hand . There, you will simply have to complete the description of the product in order to make it more attractive to your prospects.


The price for this tool starts at 0 €. Indeed, if you do not import a lot of products, you will not have to pay anything. All you need to do is download the app.

Here are the prices that the application offers:

  • Free up to 50 imported products
  • $ 29 up to 100 products (+10 bonus), i.e. 110 imported products
  • $ 119 up to 500 products (+ 200 bonus), i.e. 700 imported products
  • $ 199 up to 1000 products (+ 500 bonus), i.e. 1500 imported products

We therefore invite you to test Dropshipme for free in order to have an overview. If the tool is right for you and you have a lot of products to import to your store, you can then choose to use it, even beyond 50 products.

Cons of Dropshipme

We noted a few negatives to be aware of, as there were a few that were needed. Indeed, the extension is really interesting for importing products easily and quickly. However, here are some actions that the application does not perform and which may possibly give you trouble:

  • Price Synchronization : If the Aliexpress price varies, it will not change the price in your online store. Be careful to check the prices of your suppliers regularly so as not to have any unpleasant surprises.
  • Inventory Synchronization : Likewise, if your supplier runs out of stock, there will be no synchronization with your inventory. Therefore, here again, it is necessary to remain vigilant and regularly check the stock status of your suppliers.
  • Order management : The tool only allows you to import interesting and reliable products into your store. In no case is the extension used for order management. You will have to process the orders yourself, either by placing orders by hand on Aliexpress or by using another extension such as Alidropship for example.

For further

You now have everything you need to know about this tool which allows you to find winner products and import them to your online store . We invite you to read our article about Alidropship which will allow you to complete the tool that we have just presented to you. Indeed, it will allow you to manage your orders by making the link between your Woocommerce store and Aliexpress.

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