Why have an autoresponder and what can you do with it?

WhynautoresponderWhat can wedo with it

Do you know that the average conversion rate from a visitor to a customer is usually less than 1%? Do you also know that in E-Commerce, most sales are between the 4th and the 7th relaunch? There is a magic tool to significantly increase your conversion rate and improve the performance of your business: the autoresponder.

Clickfunnels or Shopify, what is the best solution?

Clickfunnels or Shopify, what is the best solution

clickfunnels offers marketing software “all-in-one” and optimized for the creation of sales tunnel, Shopify, it offers the opportunity to set up a real online store and to expose the different products you sell.
But then, which one to choose? What are the differences ? In which case do you use Shopify or ClickFunnels?

Shopify or WooCommerce, what is the best solution for dropshipping or print on demand (POD)?


There are dozens of different solutions on the market, but we will focus on the two most popular of the moment; Shopify and WooCommerce (based on Wordpress). Each of these two solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. So what is the best solution for you? In which case use Shopify and in which case to take WooCommerce?

What is an autoresponder ?

What is an autoresponder

You’ve probably been confronted with an autoresponder before without even noticing. Almost all e-commerce companies use one and maybe even you on your e-mail. The famous message “Hello, I am currently on vacation, I will return on September 3rd is an email from an autoresponder. Well this is the basic’s version of the autoresponder of course.

What is an instagram bot ?

What is an Instagram bot

Ever wondered how some Instagram accounts are getting bigger and bigger and have more than 1000 followers in a few weeks? How do they get so much commitment in such a short time? It can happen that some accounts arrive naturally very quickly by making a buzz, but most of the accounts that grow so quickly use an instagram bot.