How to start a blog on Shopify?

You have noticed that some brands have a blog on their online store. You own a store yourself and want to start a blog on Shopify. Problem, you are not sure how to do this. We are here to help you!

First of all, it is essential to understand the advantages that you will have to achieve this blog. Indeed, creating a blog and feeding it takes time. So you have to have enough motivation.

Why create a blog?

There are several great reasons to blog on Shopify when selling products online. Here are the two main advantages.

Increase the quality of your brand image

Owning a blog that relates to your market or niche, and the products you sell can increase the value you bring to your customers.

Indeed, by writing quality articles, your prospects will be able to browse your website in search of useful information.

For example, if your customer avatar is looking to lose weight and you sell dietary supplements that promote fat burning, you might be able to help your customers by writing articles on weight loss. For example, you can write about “The 5 slimming tips to know” or “Do you need to exercise to lose weight?”.

By giving your prospects qualitative information for free, they will appreciate your business and sometimes even feel indebted. That way, they’ll trust you more and want to buy from you more easily.

Increase your visibility

A blog is not just about giving information to your customers and prospects. It’s also giving a lot of content to Google. Why does Google need content? It’s very simple: to properly reference your website.

And yes, you know that, even if you have a website, that is not why you will easily appear on Google. You have to work on your natural referencing in order to climb in the search results.

On the one hand, you have to work on elements external to your store by finding, for example, other blogs that agree to share links to your store. But it is also necessary to create content so that Google understands the subject of your website and above all, whether it chooses to put you at the top of the results or not.

Creating a blog on Shopify, by training in SEO, is therefore a great way to increase your visibility on search enginesWith work and patience, you may be able to slip into the early results and get free traffic on a regular basis.

How to start a blog on Shopify?

To start a Shopify blog, you just need to follow these few steps.

The first thing to do is to connect to your store and go to your administrator area.

Once you are there, we invite you to click on “ Online Store ” so that the drop-down menu appears. Then, you can click on “ Blog Posts ”.

From there, you then have the option of creating your first blog post.

Write your first article

You must indicate the title of the article, write the content and put an image forward. It is also possible to insert images or videos inside the content of your article. Remember to save regularly.

When your first article is ready, you just need to make it visible by clicking on “Visible” at the top right of the screen.

When you go back to “Blog articles” by clicking at the top left of the screen, you will find your article. You will be able to create as many articles as you want by clicking on “ Add a blog article ” at the top right.

However, even if you have made your articles “visible”, they will not be accessible on your site.

Make your articles visible

We invite you first to rename your blog. You can see that it says “Info” in the Blog column. Click on “Info”. You can then change the name of your blog. You can just write “blog”, for example.

Then, so that users can go to your blog, go to the “Navigation” tab and choose a menu (the main menu for example). Once you have selected one of the menus for your site, then click on “Add menu item”.

There, you can name the link that will be present on your menu and that will redirect to your blog. Finally, you can insert the content of your blog by selecting “Blog”.

You now have your blog on Shopify. You just need to feed it regularly by writing quality articles yourself, or by delegating the creation of content.

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