How to improve customer loyalty?

Stimulating the signing of a new contract, the transformation of a prospect into a customer, has no equal. It is true, the efforts made in the acquisition of prospects then customers sometimes seems so difficult that one has the impression to have reached the end of the mission of the company. Improving customer loyalty does not seem to be the priority.

Yet, at the risk of disappointing you, this is just the beginning of the road. For example, consider a relationship between two people. To be attractive, to excel to show the best face of oneself, to show particular attention … a brief sampling of the efforts to be made to seduce the person you like. But then ? Once your “target” reached and seduced, do you leave it in a corner or do you do everything you can to make the relationship last?

The answer is obvious no? Let’s transpose that with a Marketing and Commercial aspect.

The basis of loyalty: the loyalty program

A must-have for loyalty is the program that accompanies it. Depending on the sector, a simple loyalty card, view and review, is appropriate. However, to make a difference, we must go further.

The online hotel booking site Agoda (whose concept is close to Booking, with a touch of Airbnb with Agoda Homes) is an excellent example: for every booking made through their site, you benefit from an amount in euros that is returned to your kitty. Cash-back applied to the immediacy of mobile applications. The application works very well with travelers in Southeast Asia because the prices are both competitive and the service of kitty ultra addictive (much more than “a free night to the tenth night). No, here you accumulate 5 euros immediately upon booking your hotel!

Programme de fidélité Agoda
Programme fidélité concept de la cagnotte

Another way to go to improve its loyalty would be to offer the maintenance of the purchased product, updates, training, etc … It is not only the financial aspect by counting the number of stamps on the map loyalty that counts, but really the benefit immediately perceived by the consumer. 

In the field of telephony for example, operators could decide to retain their customers to pass them to the new box for free, rather than systematically offer this to new customers.

Turn your client into an ambassador

Make your customer feel special, unique! Obviously, this is not the case and he himself is lucid on the question. However, he will appreciate that you have special attentions for him.

How to turn your client into an ambassador? Several techniques:

  • Offer him unique experiences: tests of your future products, information in preview of their exit
  • VIP cocktail parties in a nice place in your city
  • Invitation to events, places for sporting events or entry to amusement parks
  • Private sales evenings if your product allows it
  • etc …

The benefit is twofold: not only will your client develop an extra-commercial relationship, but you will also develop your reputation and your business by turning them into salespeople. Yes, through the recommendations they make, your current customers will bring in new customers. It is neither more nor less than word of mouth.

Keep the conversation with your customers:

Far from the eyes, away from the heart, you know the saying. Stay in the minds of your customers by regularly sending them REALLY useful information about the product / service they bought from you. For example, we invite you to talk about topics related to their aspirations.

An example we love and have already mentioned here for another theme: The Hive Who Said Yes! This company, both ethical and modern, is also very effective in improving customer loyalty. Every week La Hive sends two e-mails:

  • The first concerning the next sale, the identity of the exhibitors, the contents of the baskets, etc. Purely institutional.
  • The second: all the opposite. The Beehive addresses the topics of sustainable development, the “Local Eating”, the climate, ethical and solidarity initiatives, as well as recipes. It is an infinitely rich content of meaning that reads like a small magazine. A real pleasure for readers that allows La Ruche to stay in people’s minds and build loyalty.

Loyalty even at the end of your relationship

Difficult today to keep customers under control throughout a lifetime. It is even impossible, because of the richness and diversity of the offer in all areas, but also by the multi-loyal behavior of consumers. We take this opportunity to remind a golden rule of modern loyalty: if a customer decides to leave your services, do not get angry with him! This is neither a betrayal nor a sign that your product is the last of the last in terms of quality. It’s just that at the “T” time, the competing product was meeting another implicit need of your customer. This is not inevitable, keep your head up, make amends: your client could very well come back home next year or in the years that follow!

The little touches to make a difference

As you know, more than ever, what makes your customers want to stay at home is the relationship you have together. The human aspect is simply central and it is really an aspect that must be worked.

Try to get closer to your customers, be empathetic, be interested in what they are interested in, bring a little extra to each service, serve them and take your customers with you for years.

If you are considered by your client as a loyal partner, almost like a friend, he will not want to feel betrayed, and will continue at home even if you are not the most competitive provider on the market .

And you, do you have any advice that you applied that allowed you to improve your customer loyalty? Share them in comment!

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