How to easily collect e-mails on Shopify with Wheelio?

It is often said that building a list of emails is the basis for Webmarketing, especially when managing a Shopify ecommerce site. However, this is easier to apply than to practice. Collecting e-mails in e-commerce is a permanent challenge.

Collect e-mails in 2019

We know that retrieving e-mails in 2019 is more complex than it was a few years ago. The opt-in rules have hardened, now overseen by the European Parliament, while consumers, for their part, are increasingly suspicious of the management of their personal data. Cases of piracy, resale, even identity theft are numerous and have made bad press.

Yet, as an advertiser, we do not want to spam our subscribers! On the contrary. We know that to take advantage of our email list, you have to send quality to your list.

Wheelio : the perfect email capture tool?

In order to gain the trust of its readers, there are several techniques, now almost ancestral, to retrieve e-mails.

  • Propose to subscribe to his Newsletter
  • Request an e-mail to send a guide or white paper
  • Offer a discount against the addition of his coordinates
  • The contest
  • etc …

This is where the application for Shopify Wheelio comes!

Roue Wheelio : comment récupérer davantage d'e-mails ?

Wheelio brings novelty to these techniques seen and reviewed, while stimulating more the user by playing a game of chance: the wheel.

Petit logo wheelio

Joining gamification with capturing e-mails, you had to think about it! To do this, the application Wheelio will deploy a fun pop-up on the page: users, prospects or customers will have the opportunity to spin a wheel and win different prizes.

It is you who choose the content of the boxes: no lot, 20% OFF, 50% OFF, a free ebook, a 20 minutes free interview, etc … You are the only master on board.

Original and differentiating

Not only will our prospect be stimulated by throwing the wheel, but in addition, if he wins, he will feel like one of the few lucky ones elected. This stimulation will greatly increase the probability that it will reorder your shop by using its coupon!

By doing so, you earn a new member to your email list, which you will use later, but you also make one more sale.

Wheelio prides itself on converting more than 9% of visitors through this process. If you manage to bring traffic to your website, you will see explode your number of subscribers to your lists!

La version mobile de l’application Shopify Wheelio. C’est vous qui décidez de l’activer ou non


Price :

The ownership of Wheelio is very simple and its cost is quickly profitable: at 15 € per month, you just need a few small sales for this investment is amortized.

Prix de l'application Wheelio

Wheelio Options :

Wheelio puts everything in place so that retrieving e-mails on his Shopify is simple. You choose everything :

  • Which coupons? For what value?
  • When does the pop-up appear?
  • The aesthetic aspect of the wheel
  • On Desktop only or on all media
  • The percentage of chance of winning for each box
Activation de Wheelio ainsi que les statistiques
panneau de configuration de Wheelio
La configuration de Wheelio pour récupérer un maximum d'e-mails

At the time of writing, Wheelio is offering a free 7-day trial. If you already have traffic on your website, now is the time to test the application and get your first emails easily!

An alternative to Wheelio?

For those interested, there is an alternative to Wheelio : Optimonk

Optimonk has the advantage of offering a completely free offer, up to 5000 pages viewed on its website. We will soon devote a complete article to it.

Do you use Wheelio to improve your conversion rate and capture emails easily? Are you a fan of OptiMonk or another solution? Tell us in the comments why and share your best tips!

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