How to earn money on the internet ?

Make money on the internet. This is certainly one of the dreams shared by the greatest number of internet aficionados.

Of course, there are more scams than real techniques to earn money, whether to round off the ends of the month or make a real income.

We offer today an overview of 4 techniques tested and approved, allowing you to earn a few euros up to a full salary every month. On the menu, seriousness and perseverance.

#1 : Open his online shop

Making money on the internet by opening an online store requires perseverance and investment. In 2019, it’s easier than ever to create an e-commerce site. One of the most effective tools at the moment is Shopify, which seduces as much by its accessibility as by its ultra-complete offer.

So, how to make money with a shopify shop?

Be careful not to confuse simplicity of creation of a shop and ease to earn money. Here are some of the basic tips to succeed on Shopify:

  • Find his niche, his market
  • Develop your site with passion. Take your time to look for the right products
  • Create content: full product listings, blog posts, product reviews, quality images or videos
  • Create a pre-launch list, before your shop is online
  • Highly targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram or any other carrier channel for your market
  • Talk about it to people you live in real life
  • Organize events, quizzes, etc …
  • Start your first Adwords campaigns with precision

You are armed to win your first euros on the internet!

Créer sa boutique en ligne sur Shopify
Creating an online store on Shopify is a breeze. Copyright –

#2 : Create a blog

If you are passionate about a theme, here is a technique to make money on the internet that should seduce you: start a blog. Why do you have to be passionate about embarking on such a project? Simply because it requires a lot of investment time, a lot of patience before you can position yourself on Google and generate organic traffic.

The big advantage is that you can create a blog on any subject: cooking, drones, connected speakers, running, etc … And the more your expertise is nested, the more you will manage to touch your target quickly.

Créer son site facilement sur WordPress
Create a website or blog on WordPress – Copyright :

How to monetize your blog?

In order to earn money through his blog, you will need to build an audience and a community of readers. Then, the most popular techniques for earning income are:

  • Affiliate Amazon : your blog has a theme whose products are on sale on Amazon? Go Discover the Amazon Partners Program
  • Recommend products, and take advantage of programs set up by brands or different affiliate platforms
  • Sell training: If you have expertise in a field, why not offer your readers to train them to reach your skill level?
  • Selling sponsored articles: as soon as your audience is large enough, you will certainly interest some actors in your theme. Give them the privilege of writing on your blog for a price you determine

#3 : Sell your services

We all have skills in certain areas, and often they are easily marketable!

  • You are comfortable in English/French/German ? Submit translations!
  • Do you manage social networks like nobody? Do you propose in Community Manager
  • Photoshop is your best friend? Offer image editing or graphic design services!
  • You are comfortable speaking and have a good microphone? Become a voice-over!

The platforms to create a profile of sellers in this style of micro-services or benefits are numerous. Among the most popular, we find :

  • : Generalist platform, whose basic principle is that the services offered start at the rate of € 5 per mission. Do not worry: a system of options makes it possible to put on sale services of up to 500 €
  • Fiverr : Exactly the same principle as, but of American origin and older than the French platform. Also, Fiverr is in English, allowing you to reach international customers (but also international competition, including one that will work at a lower cost than you …)
  • Malt : Possibly the most famous platform, formerly HopWork. Here, it’s not about selling micro-services but more about your profile. You are a graphic designer? In this case, you create a Graphic Designer profile, which you will optimize to appear in the search results.
  • Codeur : An equivalent of Malt tucked into tech and web development mainly. There are other trades, but as the name suggests, this is not the heart of Codeur
  • Redacteur : One of the platforms specialized in Web writing. Editor receives client briefs, and providers simply have to respond by responding publicly. We like or we do not like.
Gagner de l'argent sur internet grâce à la plateforme en ligne

#4 : Sell T-shirts

The t-shirt does not know the crisis. There will always be this funny t-shirt or nice design that will attract lust and that we want to wear. Therefore, if you have some basics in graphics, why not start selling t-shirts to start making money on the internet?

This is called Print On Demand: the customer selects a design that he would like to wear on a garment, and once the order is placed, the website is responsible for making and sending.

To learn more about the Print On Demand (POD), we dedicated an article on this topic: POD Guide

Many online platforms offer you to create your own shop. It is usually free at the start (against commission), then they take care of all the rest. Concretely, you take care of the design and the promotion, and the platform manages the logistics, the storage, the production, and makes available your creations on its site. What could be simpler ?

Among the available platforms, one of our favorites is Tunetoo, we suggest you take a tour!

And what methods do you use to make money online? How long have you put in to win your first euros? Tell us all this in comments!

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