How to become more productive? 10 techniques to adopt immediately

To be more productive This is the dream of every entrepreneur whose eternal regret is the same for all: that of not having the power to do without sleep.

Our time can not be lengthened, each day will always be 24 hours and every year 365 days. Ok, sometimes 366. There are a multitude of techniques to become more productive. Everyone has to select the ones that are most compatible for him.

We propose you to review 10 of the best techniques to gain productivity quickly! Indeed, all these actions can be implemented within one hour!

10 habits that will make you the most productive person you know!

#1 : Set up your environment

Let’s start with the fundamentals! To be more productive, set up your work environment in the most efficient way possible. First and foremost, the priority is to feel good and confident.

A sufficiently large workspace is the keystone of productivity. However, we draw your attention to the importance of knowing how to keep this space clean and orderly. Every thing in its place, and every place has its thing. Keep only what you use on a daily basis: in most cases your computer, a notebook and a pen.

#2 : Make lists of everything

If you have trouble organizing yourself, the first habit to take is to create lists for all your tasks.

Not only will you list all the tasks that you intend to do in the day, but especially dissect large projects in small actions. By doing so, they will appear more accessible and, by gradually blocking your list, to observe the progress made.

Our tip to be even more productive: create your to-do list the night before. In the morning, you risk putting forward only what you really want to do.

#3 : Become more productive by getting to know each other

Among all the tips to become more productive that you read on the internet or in books, here is the most important: know you know.

Knowing yourself is first and foremost about knowing when you are more productive and able to get things done. Some are more of the morning and are able to perform as a person on the time slot 6am – 9am. Others, will feel wings grow in the late afternoon, after a little lounging all day while waiting for the famous shot of adrenaline and show the anxiety of the useless day.

Get to know yourself. Are you quite efficient in the morning? You are more concentrated in the afternoon?

#4 : Master your time

One thing is irremediable in your project: every day does and will always be 24 hours. It is you, and you alone, who must decide what you will do with these 24 hours.

Maitriser son temps pour devenir plus productif

A day passing incredibly fast, it is essential to know how to keep control of your time. If you do not control your time, it is the others who will benefit, and it is your project that will be impacted. Unfortunately, this means being able to say no to some solicitations when they are not important or you can not afford to take a breath of fresh air.

#5 : The Pomodoro method

The Pomodoro method echoes with the previous advice, and brings a radical method to become more productive.

Its principle is simple, it is a question of using a timer for the realization of each of the tasks that one has to accomplish. Traditionally, each interval lasts 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. The goal is to break up the day’s work, or tasks that require an optimal concentration of micro-tasks. During each 25 minute interval, you will need to be 100% focused on what you plan to achieve.

La méthode Pomodoro pour être plus productif

In order to become more productive, we do not do better. We are waiting for your feedback on the Pomodoro method in comment!

#6 : Know how to disconnect

Notifications, alerts, push messages, e-mails are all parasites that come to destroy our productivity. It’s already happened to everyone: you start your day, the motivation is not at its maximum but you have to move forward. You see 10 times your e-mails in the same hour, go every 5 minutes on social networks and you are interested in everything except what you had undertaken to do.

If you recognize yourself in this case, disconnect! Of course, you need the internet to work, but close the tabs of social networks – even block them – and put your mobile phone 2 meters away from you. So, to consult it, you will have to get up, which makes it possible to control this reflex that we all have to unlock our phone every 2 minutes

#7 : Delegate what you can

Of course, if your workload becomes dangerously heavy, you risk falling behind or failing to meet the level of requirement that is yours.

If it’s your situation, or if you want to gain productivity and look for new contracts, consider delegating!

The basic rule of delegation is to list all of your tasks and re-distribute those that are not important or urgent. If you manage a website or an ecommerce site, consider using a service provider to perform certain tasks on which you are not as efficient as you would like. Finally, when the opportunity arises, think about making processes to facilitate the work of your partners!

#8 : Your best friend, a notebook

One of the best techniques to be more productive is to have a personal assistant at your fingertips. And this personal assistant is none other than your notebook. He must accompany you from morning to night, and relieve you of ideas and projects that disrupt your concentration.

Pour être plus productif, la technique du cahier

For creative people, this advice is all the more important as you have a particular propensity to interest you in a lot of things. It is obviously a quality but, in the operational phase, irreparably a defect!

#9 : Plan

There is no good organization without good planning. In order to be sure to take advantage of the hours available to us in a day, it is essential to plan everything.

Whether you use an online tool such as Google Calendar, your phone calendar or a simple paper diary, scrupulously organize your days. In order to become more productive, we advise you to select a tool with which you are comfortable, and to keep only one! It must be easily accessible, from anywhere and at any time.

#10 : Know look back

We do not talk about it often enough. It is sometimes hopeless not to see his list of things to fill. In the end, it’s the job of every entrepreneur: constantly having new projects, new ideas. We want to do everything, all the time. It remains to know how to sort in what:

  • actually move your project forward
  • allows you to earn money
  • helps you to take a step back

Know, from time to time, take stock of your actions carried out over the last X weeks. If you are in the business creation phase, watch your project progress: your graphic identity that is already there, your website that is pointing the tip of your nose, your first customers or first achievements. Dare to gain height and appreciate what you have done, even if everything is not perfect and although things never go fast enough for you.

You are now well equipped to implement your actions to become more productive! And what are your best techniques and tips for increasing productivity and becoming more efficient? Do you use tools? Tell us everything in the comments section!

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