How to react to an ungrateful customer on fiverr ?

If you have already made some sales on the micro-services fiverr site, you may have already dealt with an ungrateful customer who almost made you goat. If you have done well, congratulations. But if in the end, the order was canceled because of him, it’s a shame. It is not always easy to manage an unpleasant customer but we will give you some tips to better understand this kind of situation if it were to (re) occur. What type of unfriendly client are you able to meet? How to turn the situation in your favor? Here are our leads.

The Different Ungrateful Client Profiles

An ungrateful customer can hide another! When we talk about an unpleasant or difficult-to-manage customer, some people will have in mind the image of an uncompromising customer who allows himself everything because he pays you to get what he ordered. Others will imagine an aggressive, even insulting, client. Unfortunately, there are other categories of ungrateful customers that can also waste your time.

The aggressive customer

This kind of client is probably the most difficult to manage because he is often verbally aggressive and can ruin your day by his unpleasant remarks. He considers himself priority over the others and will not accept to pass after the others. Do not let yourself be contaminated by his bad mood. Read what he tells you, give him quick fixes, and don’t go on forever.

The stingy client

Because it is on a site called fiverr, this type of customer will seek to have their cake and eat it too. Basically, you are supposed to provide him with professional work, but at a ridiculous price. He will play on friendly fiber, making you believe that he will become a loyal and regular customer and that, therefore, to mark the occasion, you must make a move. Some even go so far as to ask you to send them a test of what you are capable of, to judge your work. Don’t give in and ask him for his budget. Guide him to options that match what he can afford.

The talkative customer
The talkative customer

The talkative customer

He is not mean, but he is time consuming because he will tell you his life, and you will know all his history and his life. Ok, that’s great, but, without wanting to be disparaging, we don’t care a bit, right? Make sure to ask him closed questions, which only require a “yes” or “no” from him.

The undecided client

Like the talkative customer, this will waste your time because he does not really know what he wants. It will be up to you to best guide him according to his needs and what he has expressed to you. It is your role as a professional to provide him with the solution that will satisfy him.

The customer without embarrassment

This type of person will have no qualms about emailing you at 11:30 p.m. requesting an immediate response. Anticipate his questions and, if you are on a project lasting several weeks, regularly check in with him so as not to be disturbed outside of your working hours.

The customer who knows everything better than everyone

This is one of the most complicated to manage. He is generally rather haughty and is always ready to criticize what you say or do. Do not take it personally, it is in his attitude and he behaves like that with everyone. Stay calm and demonstrate diplomatically that the professional is you! Be clear and exhaustive in your explanations so that he finds nothing to criticize or criticize.

Is the customer always right?

Among all the types of ungrateful client mentioned above, some are certainly time consuming but they are not unpleasant. The most difficult to manage is probably the aggressive client. If you’re having a tough discussion with such an ungrateful client, try to put yourself in their shoes. Relax and imagine what you would like to be answered if you were in their place. Always be courteous (even if it is not, it will work in your favor in the event of a dispute) and try to find a solution that suits both parties. The maxim that “the customer is always right” does not mean that his complaint is necessarily objective. Even if most of the time you manage to defuse your client’s bad mood or aggressiveness, they may actually be in bad faith. In this case, the best thing to do is to disengage from the mission as soon as possible.

Manage the situation positively

Where you score with an unpleasant and aggressive customer is by interacting in a positive way. By behaving like this, far from humiliating yourself and appearing weak before him, you do your best to satisfy him and to keep his loyalty. If you can, give him a small gift, depending on the services you offer (for example, one more option, free). And if you end up finding common ground, chances are this ungrateful customer will end up leaving you with a very glowing review. And there you will have won everything!

If it is normal to spend more time with a customer who has placed a large order with you, you cannot accept that this customer takes your full attention, at the risk of neglecting your other customers. When the situation becomes unmanageable for you, even if it is not easy to let go of a client, remember that as a freelancer, you have the privilege of choosing with whom you want to work. It is a luxury that is not available to everyone. Know how to say “stop” when your investigator goes too far.

Leave a comment if you too have had a lot to do with an ungrateful customer. How did it end? Share your experience in the comments or on our Facebook group.

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