Emailing: 8 golden rules for an effective Newsletter

Every year is announced the death of e-mailing. Yet he is still there, and he remains a powerful lever in the field of customer relations: acquisition, transformation, loyalty, etc … The e-mail is not dead. Moreover, it is often said that money is on the list: and it is true. But so that the money is then on your account, it will be necessary to set up an e-mailing strategy. Among them, knowing how to create an effective newsletter.

We deliver 8 basic tips to make your newsletter a success every time. Take it as a checklist and complete each step one after the other. It’s your turn.

#1 : Newsletter: bring value to your audience!

Planning to send a newsletter to your audience is good. But how many e-mails do you think they receive each week? How much do you think they actually read. Finally: why would they read your e-mails?

An effective newsletter is above all an open newsletter. And before any graphic or strategic aspect related to it, the most important thing is the substance: bring relevant content to your readers!

To do this, you must know your target and its problems. What questions does it pose? What interests him in the highest place?

Take the example of La Ruche qui dit dit oui. Called “La Lettre de la Ruche #xxx”, this one is a kind of small magazine bringing very interesting content for a target who shares the same values as the company. These values being: reasoned consumption, ecology and short circuits, La Ruche relies on these themes to create content of value for its audience.

Voici un exemple de newsletter efficace
Voici un exemple de newsletter efficace

As a result, the La Ruche Newsletter is awaited, it is open, it reads, shares itself. And she does not bludgeon especially the commercial message reader.

#2 : Create segments

As mentioned in the previous point, the best way to bring value to your audience is to know it.

To do this, segment your e-mail lists! Feel free to be very specific in your segmentation, otherwise, when you have several thousand addresses, it will become difficult to address the right message to the right audience.

If you sell courses online, form 1 list per training! This will allow you to create ultra-efficient email sequences:

  • Satisfaction survey on the training followed
  • Upsell product that will perfectly complement this training
  • Loyalty: you put a new module online, inform your customers!
  • Big news affecting your sector? Earn legitimacy by transmitting the info before everyone else!

Most online emailing tools or autoresponders today make it easy to create lists. To go further, we help you choose the best autoresponder!

#3 : Choose strategically the title

Let’s hit the heart of e-mail: its title. Nothing matters more than the title when it comes to choosing whether or not to open an e-mail.

Know how to be at once impactful, intriguing, powerful, while remaining concise. Yes, it’s easy to say, yet it’s the best advice we can give you. Your title should sound irresistible and speak the same jargon as your audience. Here are some ideas of percussive titles:

  • [FIRST NAME] 5 Ideas to Improve Your Productivity Today
  • [FIRST NAME] What’s your biggest challenge this year?
  • You have 15 minutes, [FIRST NAME]?
  • I have something for you!
  • New: the [product] of the year 2020!

If you want to completely mess up your Newsletter, choose a title:

  • dupe your player: “RE: …” or “FW: …”
  • contains FREE, URGENT, PROMOTION words: direct in Spam
  • are not well formatted: for example when the [first name] tag remains visible or the accents are badly converted into characters and become an indecipherable code.

#4 : An effective newsletter thanks to a beautiful and good e-mailing!

In order to succeed in his e-mailing, an element not to be underestimated is the graphical aspect of his e-mail.

Indeed, it must remain pleasant to read, like a magazine. Therefore, it is advisable to air the text, to remain concise, and especially, to include images within the newsletter.

Because a picture is better than 1000 words, here is an example from a template created by Sendinblue. All you have to do is put your illustrations, write your descriptions, and let’s go!

#5 : Respect your identity

Your company has an identity: it is governed by your graphic charter, including colors, logo, font and global style.

Your newsletter must be in perfect harmony with your graphic charter, since the objective of this one is to establish your spontaneous notoriety.

Draw your own newsletter template from the dozens that are available on all online tools, and make sure to stay close to them every time:

  • Logo position. If you decide to place it in one place, do not change it every 3 days instead
  • Main colors: background, framed, writings, etc …
  • Button colors: note the references and take them back to each newsletter
  •   Fonts: Your typography is an integral part of your charter. Respect her.

6: No “noreply”

We have all been dealing with an email whose sender was the famous No-Reply. Probably the most famous recipient in the world.

However, here is a powerful opportunity to create an effective newsletter: start the conversation!

As the sender’s name, you could for example use :

  • A name: it humanizes the relationship, offers more proximity
  • A word, such as “hello” or “hello”: for more sympathy and lightness.

At the end of the e-mailing, open the discussion with your target! Ask her an open question, invite her to answer and take the time to process these emails. You will build your audience more than you could imagine. This loyalty will boost your conversion rate, it’s assured.

#7 : Always have a Call To Action!

Do not lie to us. Launching a newsletter project is not about simply saying it’s done. On the contrary, each newsletter must have its own objective, and have a Call To Action (CTA) allowing you to reach it.

Are you launching a new product? Make it known to your audience.

Want to test your list on a topic to create a new segment? Quickly produce a white paper or guide, and offer it for download. People who click on the button will be part of your new list and will be the audience for your new targeting.

Keep this in mind: if you tear your hair out to make effective newsletters, it’s to sell more and increase your sales!

#8 : Clean your list

After following the previous 7 tips, you’re more ready than ever to face the jungle of the Newsletter. After spending weeks or even months collecting email addresses, it’s time to test your audience.

The opening rate of your list is certainly important. It will be necessary to analyze each element quoted in this article to know its tracks of improvement. But one element is fundamental, especially after sending its first newsletter: the NPAI. Literally, it means “Does not live at the Address Indicated”, but it corresponds to “badmails”, that is to say to e-mails that return an error message.

Their main cause is that the domain on which the e-mail is hosted no longer exists. In rarer cases, it is about keystrokes.

This rate of NPAI must be reduced to nothing as soon as possible, and a clean-up of its list is fundamental. If you do not clean your list, you will degrade your deliverability rate and will see more and more of your newsletter landing in spam.

There are several online tools to create a powerful and aesthetic newsletter. Here are the best e-mailing tools on the market in 2019:

  • Sendinblue : one of the most successful in 2019! Very complete and easy to handle
  • Aweber : probably the best known, but also the most expensive
  • GetResponse : free for 30 days without CB, it is the preferred solopreneurs or those who launch because its rates are very accessible
  • Klaviyo : e-commerce and shopify shop tool, free up to 250 emails

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