Niche Dropshipping: The Top Trend Articles in 2021

In 2019, to make money on the Internet through Dropshipping, it is essential to gather the necessary components to create a viable and sustainable ecosystem. First of all, you have to know how to identify the trendy products in Dropshipping, then have the knowledge to promote them. Finally, have a will at all times, to cultivate motivation until the first results fall.

But, what is Dropshipping?

In a few words, dropshipping is the action of selling products from its ecommerce site, but it is the manufacturer who deals with logistics, storage and shipping. We have dedicated an article on the subject: What is dropshipping?

Today, we offer you a panorama of trend products for 2021. Those who are currently selling the best, those who still have room for improvement, but especially those in which we believe! Which niche to choose in dropshipping for 2021? How to choose trendy products for its ecommerce website? What are the best products in dropshipping for 2021? We tell you everything.

Let’s go ?

#1 Ecological and reusable straws

Graphique Google Trends des Pailles

The major themes currently in fashion are those of ecology, zero waste, DIY, etc … There is only to look around, the younger generations seek to reason more their consumption for the purpose to preserve our dear planet.

One of the great plagues of the moment is the abundance of plastic all over the planet. Necessarily, the fact that we are not able to properly sort the plastic is that we find a little bit of everywhere in nature, and the culture of “all disposable” is gradually evolving .

Straws are a huge parasite in terms of waste. More and more consumers are demanding “straw-free” drinks in bars, and sales of reusable straws are exploding.

Pailles en inox réutilisables et lavables pour Shopify
pailles en bambou - bamboo straws

Whether bamboo, stainless steel or biodegradable, the straws are starting to expand dramatically and are irreparably part of our trendy 2021 DropShipping products. Test it!

Some trendy keyword ideas

Idées de mots clés pour vendre sur shopify
Idées de mots clés pour vendre sur shopify

#2 Wifi Surveillance Cameras

Graphique Google Trends des Caméras de surveillance wifi

Here is a sector that will never know the crisis: home security. Everyone is now equipped with smartphones. Thus, the market for surveillance cameras WiFi has a boulevard to develop, and can potentially affect the entire population: owners, tenants, individuals and professionals.

To position oneself, one will have to work some long traines and markets of niches. Try to create authority articles comparing the different cameras on the market, and sit down!

Caméra de surveillance wifi : une idée tendance pour sa boutique ecommerce

Some trendy keyword ideas

Idées de mots clés pour vendre sur shopify

#3 Connected watches

Graphique Google Trends des montres connectées

In your opinion, when does the subject of running experience its greatest volume of research each year? In the spring with the beautiful days? Not at all ! The theme generates the largest number of requests in September, every year!

The query “connected watch“, for its part, meets a growing popularity, with an explosion of research in December for Christmas. Overall, the market for running accessories / health has a bright future, thanks to this multi-seasonality, the “eat-move” mode and the rate of equipment of individuals in smartphones.

To find positions in DropShipping, it’s not too late. However, it will have to nest on queries associated with certain brands, features or comparatives. It’s your turn !

Montre connectée : une des tendances de l'année en Dropshipping

Some trendy keyword ideas

Idées de mots clés pour vendre sur shopify

#4 Bluetooth wireless headphones for sport

Graphique Google Trends écouteurs sports et bluetooth

Here is one of the most promising trendy products for the year 2021: the bluetooth headphones!

Among this family of products, several categories. Decrypt them:

  • Bluetooth headsets and headphones
  • The range of wireless sports headphones
  • Headphones for swimming
  • Headphones and headphones waterproof or waterproof: resistant to sweat

Looks almost like the potential structure of your Bluetooth headset and headset shop!

What is quite funny with this positioning is that Internet users do not all know how to write “Bluetooth”. We find everything: blue touch, bluetooh, etc … Interesting not to leave too much in his SEO.

This product is really exciting and we understand why this is one of the most sought after trends in DropShipping in 2021: margins are often very generous, the object is beautiful, pleasant to own, and the opportunities for communication are numerous: Instagram, Facebook, Press Relations, etc … View the expansion of the theme “Sport”, it would be advisable to direct you to this niche there for your online store.

Idée d'article tendance pour Shopify en 2020 : les écouteurs Bluetooth

This headphone kit is particularly sexy is not it? The picture speaks for itself, you just have to optimize your SEO around the semantic field and implement your marketing strategy.

Some trendy keyword ideas

Idées de mots clés pour vendre sur shopify

#5 Solar batteries

Graphique Google Trends des batteries solaires

They are still a trendy DropShipping product in 2019, and that should not change in 2021! Everyone now needs to have an external battery: for his smartphone, necessarily, since we do everything with, but also for other small compatible electrical devices. For example, more and more people are charging their connected watch, their wireless headphones, or their portable speaker with an external battery.

To nest, go to solar batteries. They are in full expansion and seduce those who like to enjoy sunny days: hikers, sportsmen, vacationers, etc …

Batterie solaire pour recharger son téléphone portable : idée de produit pour Shopify

Launch Shopify Shop by Dropshipping

These big 2021 trends made you want to get started? You are right, and do it as soon as possible. It is never too early to begin to establish one’s domain and authority.

All articles listed above are easily found on Oberlo, the tool implemented for Shopify to make life easier for e-merchants. If you want to know how to launch your online store quickly and easily, read this article!

The vast majority of these articles are on Aliexpress. You can create an account in seconds and start your search for suppliers, do not wait any longer.

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