Dropshipping: get started easily with Shopify and Oberlo

In recent years, the emergence of CMS in WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) has democratized access to e-commerce. One of the pioneers to dominate the web worldwide is WordPress, which was said a few years ago that 70% of websites were designed via this CMS.

Inevitably, new CMS have developed since then, some of which have “nested” themselves on a domain of expertise, in order to stand out: this is the case of Shopify, which has positioned itself on e-commerce and the creation of online shops. Shopify, when it arrived on the market, has converted a lot of Internet users who are already interested in the internet and self-learning theme to take a path formerly reserved only for industrial and professional traders: the purchase / resale of products online. In the theme of buying / selling, a technique allows, thanks to globalization, to ship a product directly from a manufacturer (or supplier) to the end customer. Indeed, no need for a trader to see the product pass through him. This technique is called: dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a subject that fuels a lot of greed. The idea is to source products from suppliers, and when a customer buys one from you, your partner sends them directly to them (preferably with your graphic charter). Several advantages to this technique: no stocks, no management of carriers, less administrative costs, no need to buy products in quantity without being sure to resell them.

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is a tool specifically developed to be added to Shopify. Its goal is to facilitate the search for products to e-merchants.

How does Oberlo make life easier for sellers?

Oberlo wanted to answer the big problems encountered by the sellers in the field of dropshipping: How to find the right product at the right price? How to make sure of the seriousness of a supplier? How to save time in finding products for dropshipping?

Improving profitability means improving margins and time spent searching for AliExpress products. To do this, Oberlo takes care of all this in the seller’s place by connecting them directly with suppliers around the world.

Benefits of Oberlo

We saw it in the first highest: Oberlo is an advantage all by itself. It connects the seller to thousands of suppliers from around the globe. Here are, in our eyes, the main advantages of Oberlo for its Shopify shop:

  • Direct link with thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, in every conceivable category
  • Import in a few moments of products in his shop
  • Filling partially automated product sheets
  • No stock, no packaging, no shipment to realize
  • AliExpress: If you are used to browsing the site, nothing prevents you from continuing to do so. From now on, a button “Oberlo” is added directly under the products
  • The assurance of exchanging with reliable suppliers thanks to “Oberlo Verified“: shortlist of international partners verified by the team
  • Oberlo’s dashboard is intuitive and efficient. A complete menu in discreet banner on the left, and a big place left to the product to better identify your future imports
  • Automation of the order management: a product is ordered? In one click this one will be treated by the supplier
  • Automatic update of available stocks and prices: if a price changes at a supplier, the seller is notified and can adapt it on his shop
Importation facile d'un produit sur Shopify grâce à Oberlo
Import a new product with Oberlo

Dropshipping : Shopify and Oberlo: the magic triangle?

From an installation point of view on Shopify, the whole process has recently been simplified to its maximum.

Shopify has now integrated Oberlo into its solution. Just go to his personal space and click on the application installation link.

Once the installation is complete, go to the “Quick Start” section, which allows you to learn the basic features of the application, such as importing the first product to your store. In the same place, we recommend to consult the numerous tutorials which allow a faster assimilation of the tool.

How much is Oberlo?

If you want to launch a Shopify shop and the price of different applications scares you, do not worry! Oberlo has a “Starter” offer that is perfectly suited to sellers who do not want to charge too much from the start.

The Starter Pack allows you to list up to 500 products and unlimited orders, which allows you to test your shop and listing. With no time limit, this subscription also allows the seller to set up his marketing strategy to promote his Shopify store.

Then, the offers are progressive:

  • Basic for 29,90 € per month
  • Pro for 79,90 € by me
Shopify et Oberlo : réussir sa boutique en ligne et gagner de l'argent sur internet
Tarifs Oberlo

You are convinced? Are you already using Oberlo with Shopify and want to share your feedback? Do not hesitate ! For others, do not wait to test Shopify free for 14 days (without credit card)

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