CJDropshipping Reviews: Replacing AliExpress?

You are working in dropshipping with Aliexpress. You wish to have more information on the CJ Dropshipping agent platform in order to know if it is interesting for you to go through this service. CJDropshipping is indeed increasingly used by e-merchants working in dropshipping. The service facilitates many aspects of the dropshipper’s job and has many, many benefits.

It is an intermediary between suppliers in China and e-merchants around the world. CJ Dropshipping takes care of sourcing products and making them available to many e-merchants who do not wish to manage stock . The company has a team of agents dedicated to the satisfaction of different e-merchants, but also offers automated services to facilitate exchanges and be more efficient.

Attractive prices

One of the benefits of working with CJDropshipping is the ability to get great prices for your products. Indeed, the company negotiates prices directly with suppliers. These suppliers may or may not be on the Aliexpress platform.

CJ Dropshipping negotiates the prices of a product for multiple sellers. This makes it possible to obtain more attractive prices . They buy more than a single seller. This helps to weigh the scales in your favor. Alone, you wouldn’t have enough weight to be able to negotiate such attractive prices.

Even if the company is paid in the process, it is generally interesting for e-merchants. Sometimes the price of the product can still turn out to be more expensive than if you go through Aliexpress , but you have to take into account all the other advantages of going through this intermediary. You just have to read on.

Reduced delivery times

The main advantage is certainly the reduction in delivery times . Indeed, when we work in dropshipping and we supply from China, we are faced with a major problem which is the rather long delivery time. This can go beyond 20 days, which can sometimes cause some problems in customer service.

With CJDropshipping , delivery is normally 5 to 12 days within the European Union. This significantly reduces the work of customer service, because customers do not necessarily have time to get impatient and send you an email to find out where their order is.

Also, if you are working in the United States, or just targeting the American market with your store, this could be even more interesting for you. Indeed, CJ Dropshipping has a warehouse in the USA . So, by addressing customers who live there, you can benefit from even faster delivery times.

Provision of warehouses

CJ Dropshipping therefore have warehouses, whether in the United States or in China. This has many benefits for you. Indeed, the products you need may already be in their warehouses. Otherwise, you can source products through CJ Dropshipping, and these sourced products will also be sent to their warehouses.

This makes it possible to gain in efficiency in the management of orders . This is how they can send the packages very quickly. In addition, as they store your products, they are able to offer you additional services which are not always directly possible with suppliers on Aliexpress as we will see shortly after.

Several products? A package !

If you are dropshipping , you know that it is not always easy to work with one supplier on Aliexpress for all of your products. This is especially true if you have a large catalog. Therefore, you need to find products from various suppliers that do not communicate with each other.

The problem is, when one of your customers purchases multiple products at the same time, they won’t receive all of the products at the same time. This can create anxiety for them and cause you to face more customer service than if you were working with just one supplier.

The advantage of working with CJ Dropshipping is that all the products you source with them can be sent at the same time and in the same package . This will save you a lot of trouble.

Packaging customization

The other advantage that derives from stock management by CJ Dropshipping is that it is possible to customize the packaging of your product . This is doable with some suppliers on Aliexpress or some agents. However, the constraints in terms of the quantity of products sold can be significant.

With CJ Dropshipping, you can avail of this option completely for free . Likewise, it is possible to personalize products such as jewelry in particular. This then allows you to engrave your brand on the products or packaging in order to perfect your brand image.

When you know the packaging delivered by Aliexpress, you know how much the perceived value of your product can be improved by simply changing the packaging.

Automation of the process

Thanks to the chrome extension that CJ Dropshipping has implemented, you can easily place your orders and automate the process of importing products to your store. The extension works whether you work on Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop or even other CMS.

You will be able to import all the products you want into your online store very easily and quickly. If ever certain products are not available, you can then do a sourcing with the CJ Dropshipping team . Sourcing can take several days, but as long as the product is available, and its price is right for you, you can import it directly to your shop.

The only condition to be able to use this chrome extension is obviously to have previously created an account on the platform, but this is very easy and quick to do. This will allow you to start working with CJ Dropshipping and automate this in a matter of minutes.

CJ Dropshipping: a free service

The costs are transparent to you . Indeed, CJ Dropshipping is paid directly by negotiating with different suppliers. The prices at which the products are offered already include the provision of CJ Dropshipping . Likewise, if you want to source a product that they don’t already have, it’s totally free.

Options are chargeable , such as engraving on products for example. But if you go for the basic services, it won’t cost you more than on Aliexpress. Sometimes the products will even be cheaper than what you can find on Aliexpress. Otherwise, they can be slightly more expensive, but then you will have to think about all the advantages that the platform gives you, compared to Aliexpress.

Delegate the creation of videos and visuals

We often advise e-merchants to redo their own photographs and videos in order to best sell their products. The problem is that when you start, you do not necessarily have the budget or the knowledge and skills to allocate to optimizing images and videos .

Indeed, to take professional photographs or videos, you must have the appropriate equipment and know how to use it or be able to delegate this part of the work to professionals. But for that, you have to have a substantial budget if you really want a professional result.

CJ Dropshipping offers more professional photos and videos than on Aliexpress . It is possible to request the creation of photos and videos specially designed for their activity and their store. You will then have worked videos and photos that will increase the perceived value of your product and differentiate you from the competition.

Responsive customer service

CJ Dropshipping’s customer service is known to be efficient and highly responsive . You will normally have a direct contact person if necessary. Otherwise, most of the services will be automated, which will save you time. However, if you need assistance or have any questions, they can be contacted through the available email address on their website.

It is also possible to contact them on Messenger , they are generally very responsive. Finally, if you have questions or want to interact with other users of the platform, it is possible to integrate a dedicated Facebook group on which CJ Dropshipping agents are very active.

The only downside seems to be that some e-merchants have been disappointed with CJ Dropshipping’s job. In particular, there are some bad customer service experiences that have been reported. However, not all companies are exemplary when it comes to customer service and it is difficult to keep all customers 100% satisfied. We invite you to carry out your own experience and to test this platform, which still offer you many advantages , as you have just seen.

If you would like to have feedback from other e-merchants, do not hesitate to join our Entrepreneur Liberté Facebook group .

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