What are the 5 best Shopify Themes for your online store?

What are the 5 best Shopify Themes for your online store

There are currently several tens of thousands of themes to install on its e-commerce site. The themes are often very uneven in terms of performance, wealth of options or even aesthetics. As a general rule, choosing a free theme may be enough for launching a shop. However, when it comes to professionalizing it, it is unfortunately a false economy.

How to easily collect e-mails on Shopify with Wheelio?

How to easily collect e-mails on Shopify with Wheelio

We know that retrieving e-mails in 2019 is more complex than it was a few years ago. The opt-in rules have hardened, now overseen by the European Parliament, while consumers, for their part, are increasingly suspicious of the management of their personal data. Cases of piracy, resale, even identity theft are numerous and have made bad press.

What is a Sales Tunnel?

What is a Sales Tunnel

The expression Sales Tunnel is particularly widespread in recent years. Also called funnel or funnel, it is a concept appreciated by the specialists of Marketing or E-Commerce.
What is a sales tunnel? What is it used for ? Why use the sales tunnel marketing technique? Entrepreneur-Freedom guides you!

Why use ClickFunnels? 5 irresistible advantages

Why use ClickFunnels 5 irresistible advantages

Anyone who owns a Shopify, Woocommerce or Prestashop store has, at a minimum, heard about conversion tunnels. But who has already managed to exploit their punching power optimally? Who in the microcosm of e-commerce and digital marketing would not wish to put all the chances on his side to increase its conversion rate?