8 things to know before starting dropshipping business

For some time now, you have been learning about e-commerce and more particularly about dropshipping. It is indeed a simple way to get started, which does not require too much investment. This then allows anyone to undertake. There are many Youtube channels and many websites where you can get useful information to starting dropshipping business .

So you have had the opportunity to acquire the basic knowledge, but yet the flow of information is so great that it is difficult to separate things out. We hear everything and its opposite, so it is difficult to know who to listen to and why. Because of this, you don’t really know what are the most important things to consider before starting dropshipping .

We have selected 8 things to know before starting a dropshipping business . These criteria are to be known and it is essential to be aware of them.

Success is not immediate

The first point we want to discuss with you is that success is not immediate . As a general rule, it is not uncommon for a new e-merchant to go through many failures before actually making a living from his profession.

It is totaly normal. You can’t get it right the first time. At least, there is little chance that this will happen to you. But again, this is normal and we should not be discouraged . You will therefore have to show patience and perseverance .

It is often said that it is only people who give up who do not succeed. It might sound silly to you, but if you think about it, it’s pretty fair reasoning. Imagine spending 15 years trying to make a living from dropshipping. Do you sincerely think that you won’t get there in the end?

Over the months and years, you will learn a lot. This will help you take steps and ultimately achieve your goal, whatever it is. It is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. It is by learning and acquiring all the necessary knowledge and skills that you will succeed in becoming a true e-merchant.

The choice of market or niche matters

Another important criterion to optimize your chances of success is to choose an interesting niche or market . For this, several aspects must be taken into account.

The first is choosing a niche in which you feel comfortable . Indeed, some people will tell you that it is not necessary, but yet it is still more pleasant and more motivating to work in a context that pleases us. Why not take advantage of it and choose an area that fascinates you?

The second thing to consider is the potential of this market or niche . If you have a passion that absolutely nobody cares about, it doesn’t make sense to go into that niche. On the other hand, if you know that you are not alone and that the signs to start are green, do not hesitate. For example, if you see that there are already competitors, that’s a good sign!

Be careful, however, not to enter a saturated market in which it can be very difficult to find a place, especially as a beginner.

Not all suppliers are created equal

Once you have chosen your market, you will need to start looking for products that interest your audience. This is where you will have to deal with another problem: the choice of your supplier .

Indeed, if there is one point not to be taken lightly, it is the choice of your supplier. There are thousands of them all over the world. You are spoiled for choice. However, you have to be able to choose a reliable, responsive supplier who offers suitable delivery times.

To do this, you can physically visit suppliers near you, contact wholesalers on the internet or opt for specialized dropshipping platforms such as BigBuy or Aliexpress.

Something else to know before starting a dropshipping business: The store matters

We sometimes hear that the design of your dropshipping store is not important. In addition, we see many examples of online stores that do not look very good, but still manage to make sales.

From our side, we still advise you to pay attention to the visual (and practical) aspect of your store. It is important that the prospects who come to your store find it welcoming and attractive . You have to be able to offer quality content and products on a website that exudes quality! And yes, if your site is not beautiful, the colors are sad and the images are blurry, you will not reflect a positive and qualitative image of your store.

Prospects will then have a priori on the quality of your products and will not necessarily trust you. You will then lose sales stupidly.

Be careful though, it is essential to get started more or less quickly, without paying attention to the smallest detail. Make a nice store, make your first sales, then go to the optimization stage.  

We need to diversify advertising networks

You are often invited to use Facebook Ads. It is indeed a good start and a good source of traffic. However, it is important to diversify the sources of traffic for your website. It is indeed not recommended to base all your business and all your turnover on a single source.

Imagine that Facebook decides to block your merchant account. You can no longer promote your products, you no longer make a sale and no longer receive income.

It is for this reason that it is interesting to turn to other sources of paid traffic such as Google Ads, Snapchat Ads or even native advertising.

Free traffic is a real plus

This point goes hand in hand with the previous one. It is essential to think in advance of a strategy that will bring you free traffic and therefore sales without investing any money.

Several options are available to you for this. It is possible for you to work on your natural referencing very early in order to have the first clicks on Google within a few months. It is then necessary to spend a lot of time writing content and finding external links. You also have the option of paying someone for writing.

It is also possible to get free traffic through social networks . You have to be sufficiently active and share quality content. Do not hesitate to train on the various social networks.

Fewer sales without social proof

Another thing to know before starting a dropshipping business is that social proof is a key part of a customer’s buying decision . Indeed, to make his decision, the customer will generally seek to know if the product he wishes to acquire has already been purchased by other people, and especially if they are satisfied with it.

It is for this reason that most e-commerce sites highlight customer reviews, in particular with little stars. You must give all your customers the opportunity to leave their opinion about the product they have purchased on your online store.

Thus the following customers will be better able to make their choice. If your product is good then it will be easier to buy.

Do not hesitate to send an email to all your customers once you are sure that they have received the product ordered and that they have had time to test it. You can thank them for the order they placed with you and invite them to leave a customer review on your site. This will help your future prospects to buy more easily.

The payment page must be neat

The passage at the cash desk (or “checkout”) is an important step in the purchasing process. This is in fact the page on which your customers will enter their personal information and their payment information.

It is essential that this page be worked on in order to make customers feel completely confident . Therefore, avoid leaving fields in English and make sure that everything is readable and understandable.

Then, highlight trust badges such as “secure payment” or “satisfied or refunded”. This reassures customers and shows them that they have every reason to trust your website and your business.

Finally, you need to offer the types of payments that customers are used to seeing. The fact of using Paypal for example, can reassure some customers.

Here is an overview of the things to know before starting a dropshipping business . We hope you find this information useful. In order to have a lot of other information on dropshipping, we invite you to visit the other articles of our blog .

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